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While the scallop boats are still here delivering fresh plump scallops daily to Gloucester, we are making the most of the fabulous quality and terrific prices. At Cape Ann Lobstermen, a two pound tub is only $32.00!!

Several weeks ago I mentioned a scallop and spring risotto yummy dinner that was a big hit with the Family. Friends have asked for the recipe but I don’t usually use a recipe when making risotto. Last night I tried to think about amounts.

I love making risotto and find it utterly relaxing to just stand at the stove and stir, as long as you have all the ingredients chopped, grated, and lined-up ready to go. I am writing this hurriedly so if anything is left out or you have a question, please write and let me know, happy to answer <3

Ingredients –

Do this first – For the vegetable stock, cover with about 8 cups of water – 1 onion quartered, I carrot cut in half, several stalks of celery. Do not add salt. Bring to a boil, turn the heat down, and allow to gently simmer while cooking the risotto

1/4 lb. chopped pancetta or bacon

Olive Oil

I medium onion loosely chopped

About 1 3/4 Cup Arborio rice


Veggies – whatever you like. Last night’s dinner we had fresh fiddleheads from the garden!, also 1/2 zucchini chopped, handful of snowpeas, 2 ears of fresh corn (kernels removed from the cob), and about six stalks of asparagus chopped in 1 inch pieces.

Butter to taste – 2 TBs or more

Romano or parmesan to taste (about 1/2 to 3/4 C.), grated

Render the fat from the pancetta. Remove pancetta from pan and set aside. Leave the fat in the pan.

Add a few  tablespoons of olive oil. Sautee onions until translucent.

Add arborio rice. Turn heat down. Toast rice for a minute or two with the onions, until you hear a crackly sound. Cover rice with Prosecco.

Stir continually throughout. Allow rice to absorb most of the Prosecco. Add about two ladle-fulls of the simmering stock. Allow rice to absorb the stock before adding more.

Continue adding stock and stirring until the rice is almost done, still a tiny bit al dente. Add the veggies and more stock if needed. Add back the pancetta. Cook for a few more minutes until veggies are done, bright green but cooked through.

Take off the heat. Add butter and cheese to taste. While the risotto is resting, pan sear the scallops. Our whiz in the kitchen Alex cooks the scallops 🙂


Serve with extra cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

Cape Ann Lobstermen is located at 111 Main Street in Gloucester








The most perfect and delicious turtles on planet Earth, sublime truffles, cherries dipped in Grand Marnier infused chocolate, and the sweetest owner Hallie and staff are just some of the reasons to love Christmas shopping at Turtle Alley. Turtle Alley is in non-stop holiday production mode, creating beautiful chocolate confections for gift giving and entertaining . You’ll find lots of fun stocking stuffers and penny candy for the little ones, too.

Watch in the video how each individual candy is meticulously positioned on the conveyor belt.

Turtles in the making

Needhams – Mounds for grownups



We are overjoyed to have Ken and Nicole Duckworth back in the neighborhood creating their amazing brand of beautifully prepared entrees, desserts, soups, and salads. Their newest incarnation, Duckworth’s To-Take, we know, will be a favorite.  In addition to the prepared items, you will find freshly roasted coffee, reasonably priced wines, and even freshly tapped maple syrup.

My husband Tom and I stopped in this morning and picked up our first meal to-take at Duckworth’s, which actually turned into a huge batch of delciousness. We were the second customers of the morning but already the shop was bustling! We planned to have all for dinner (my eyes are bigger than my stomach) but simply could not wait and decided to have a whole day of Duckworth’s food heaven.

For a mid-morning snack, we had Nicole’s Flourless Chocolate Cake, also known in our family as Death-by-Chocolate. Nicole’s cake is so wonderfully chocolatey that for me the best time to eat it is in the morning so I don’t stay awake all night.

Ken’s beloved Mushroom Soup is the perfect antidote to a rainy December day <3

The cake is rich and filling; we didn’t eat lunch until 2 when we treated ourselves to Ken’s famous mushroom soup, quite possibly the best in the world! Velvety delicious, creamy thick, and garnished with a scattering of sauteed wild mushrooms, we loved every mouthful!

We couldn’t help ourselves and also ate the Chopped Salad that was also meant to go with dinner. The salad is a beautiful combination of assorted greens, radicchio, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, cranberries, and Brussels sprouts and dressed with a creamy cider vinaigrette.

For dinner, Tom is having the Pork Schnitzel, one of his all time favorite dinners, which is served with a generous helping of potato salad, and I am having the Coq au Vin. I am positive it is going to be fantastic!!!

Niki Bogins lovely pop up shop, East Gloucester Provisions, is a wonderful complement to the bistrot and between the two, you’ll find a an array of food and houseware gifts.

Btw, Nicole shares that all the to-go containers are completely compostable and you can even heat the entrees in the bottom half of the container!!

For the month of December, Duckworth’s is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am til 5pm. Look for their holiday menu coming soon. Duckworth’s is located at 197 East Main Street, Gloucester.




Duckworth’s will be OPEN today, 10am-5pm!
And for the rest of December we will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5 offering

Duckworth’s prepared foods, “Bistrot to Go” favorites.

Duckworth’s gift certificates will be accepted for food items. Stop in and see what we have cooked up!

Stay tuned for our “Home for the Holidays” menu, online ordering and future dine in events.

Check out Niki Bogin’s, EAST GLOUCESTER PROVISIONS pop up while you pick up some Duckworth’s deliciousness.
We look forward to seeing you!

Duckworth’s is located at 197 East Main Street, Gloucester


The very long awaited re-opening of Duckworth’s Bistrot in a brand new incarnation. Our family is soooo excited <3

The Duckworths write,

The response to our Thanksgiving pop up was inspiring! Seeing so many of you back in our space was so joyful. We are thrilled to bring our corner of the world back to life!
Moving forward…

For the rest of December we will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5 offering Duckworth’s prepared foods, “Bistrot to Go” favorites. Think mushroom soup, Coq au Vin, and banana cake.

Duckworth’s gift certificates will be accepted for food items. Stop in and see what we have cooked up!

Stay tuned for our “Home for the Holidays” menu, online ordering and future dine in events.

Check out Niki Bogin’s, EAST GLOUCESTER PROVISIONS pop up while you pick up some Duckworth’s deliciousness.

We look forward to seeing you!

Jason Grow Photo


Congratulations to SaLT Academy for receiving an Awesome Gloucester grant! What a fantastic and incredibly timely, relevant idea!!!

What is SaLT?

The project’s draft mission statement —a work under development— reads: Create community food security, agility and interconnectivity through collaborative innovation directed at serving the needs of Gloucester today, while preparing for the future.

The project will focus on the interdependence of land and sea in our island environment. The project aims to bring attention to the vital role every Gloucester resident plays in protecting and nurturing our local food supply, by virtue of personal choices and actions. Outdoor education programs will allow local and visiting school-aged youth to experience the worlds of fishers and farmers, inspiring a sense of community and connection to the people and place that feed them. Next generation training for fishers and farmers, currently underway, will be a program highlight. In addition to hands on training by land and by sea, aspiring fishers and farmers will explore local ecosystem science while sharing their respective knowledge and enhancing their capacity as citizen scientists.

According to the USDA, “As consumers across the nation express a growing interest in a closer connection to their food producers—whether through access to more localized markets and/or shorter supply chains— cities and regions have begun to regard the expansion of local food marketing activities as a critical component of their economic development strategies.”

Responding to Change Together (a working name that will change as the project moves into its next developmental phase) unites a range of local industry experts to consider how a unified land and sea mind-set can enhance local food security and awareness as well as community agility and interconnectivity. Land & sea harvesters, processors, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, educators and scientists will create a rich and robust collaborative system designed to provide a renewed sense of pride, belonging, security and vision to America’s oldest, settled fishing port.


Please note –  Russell Orchards is open Monday, Labor Day, in addition to Labor Day Saturday and Sunday. They are typically closed on Labor Day, but this weekend is the exception.

Further enhancing a fun family visit to Russell Orchard’s authentic working farm is a delightful new spot to get your fresh apple cider donuts – The Donut Hut!

I may get into deep water with the following statement, but here goes: Russell Orchards’ apple cider donuts are simply the best ever! My family has been clamoring for their doughnuts for forever. RO donuts are always exactly the same warm golden brown on the outside and tender apple-sweet on the inside. We (try to) save ours until we get home. Gently heated and dipped in powdered sugar makes a wonderful treat, morning or afternoon. Miranda Russell also suggests spreading RO donuts with Nutella or cream cheese.

Thank you to Julia for the photo!

Hayrides are back up and running at Russell Orchards after a break during Covid. And Pick Your Own apple season has begun. Currently available to pick are McIntosh, Gala, Honeycrisp, and Gingergold. We came home with a bag of Honeycrisp and they are fantastic!

Freshly baked blueberry, raspberry-peach, and apple pies are stacked high and ready to take home, along with a lovely selection of Russel Orchards own grown tomatoes, potatoes, Swiss chard, zucchini, summer squash, pumpkins, honey, and much, much more.

Lovely alfresco dining area

Russell Orchards now has an electric vehicle charging station! If you would like to charge up  your EV while picking apples, download the AmpUp app to your phone and plug in when you arrive.

RUSSELL ORCHARDS is located at

143 Argilla Road

Ipswich, MA

For more information and also a wonderful array of recipes, visit the website here.

Please note –  Russell Orchards is open Monday, Labor Day, in addition to Labor Day Saturday and Sunday. They are typically closed on Labor Day, but this weekend is the exception.


Bravo By The Sea is opening a second location on Main Street, at the old Larson’s shoe store location. The opening date is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14th, 

Our family loves the wood fired pizzas from Bravo, especially the mushroom with caramelized onions. Their artichoke and pepperoni pizza too is fantastic. The chunks of artichokes are huge and fresh, not the usual soggy bits so often served. Not only are the pizzas fantastic, but the salads and wings are super delicious, too. Bravo provides a wonderfully delicious and filling dinner for family pizza night!  

For more information, visit the Bravo By The Sea website here


Cook alongside renowned local chef Ken Duckworth – but from the comfort of your own home!

Join us for the Cook-along with Ken Duckworth – a Backyard Grower’s Virtual Fundraiser.

In this interactive cooking class, Ken will demonstrate how to prepare fish cakes with remoulade sauce inspired by Gloucester’s seafood traditions and the freshest ingredients.

Proceeds support Backyard Growers’ programs connecting low- to moderate-income households to fresh produce through school, backyard, and community gardens.


How this Gloucester restaurant transformed into a haven for homeless people

By John Laidler Globe Correspondent,Updated January 29, 2021,

Two guests chat by the fireplace at the Grace Center’s winter home in the function hall of Gloucester House restaurant.SUZANNE KREITER/GLOBE STAFF

A popular Gloucester restaurant known for its fresh seafood and harbor views has taken on a new role this winter as a temporary haven for people in need of daytime shelter, meals, and other assistance.

In December the Grace Center, a drop-in day program for homeless people run by Lifebridge North Shore, temporarily relocated from its regular quarters in the basement of the Unitarian Universalist Church on Church Street to the function hall of the Gloucester House Restaurant.

The arrangement, which has the active support of city and state officials, gave the center the added space it needed this winter to fully serve its guests while meeting social distancing requirements. The restaurant and its function hall are currently closed due to COVID-19, with plans to reopen in May.

“As a provider, it’s inspirational to see a business owner along with municipal leaders step up in this way,” said Jason Etheridge, executive director of the nonprofit Lifebridge. “We are bringing dignity to a group of people who otherwise would have nowhere to go.”

The Grace Center, normally open weekdays only, is able to operate seven days a week at the temporary site. Meals are prepared by the center’s staff and volunteers using the restaurant’s kitchen.

The Grace Center’s wintertime move reflects the creative work-arounds many shelters have devised to continue operating during a pandemic.

Joe Finn, executive director of the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, said the health crisis has revealed that the state’s shelters were not set up for social distancing. When COVID-19 struck, he noted, many had to sharply reduce capacity and then scramble to find added spaces.

“If there is a silver lining to this pandemic, it’s been the innovation we’ve seen from these community-based organizations and the community response,” he said.

Relocating to a space normally used for weddings and other special occasions also gives the Grace Center’s approximately 50 daily guests the chance to enjoy such amenities as a fireplace, banquet tables decked with flowers, and waterfront scenery.

“We typically operate in basements of churches and places like that,” Etheridge said of shelter programs. “For our guests, this has been a bright spot in an otherwise very difficult time.”

Guests are enjoying the ambiance of the temporary setting.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Andrew, a regular at the Grace Center for the eight years he has been in and out of homelessness — he currently sleeps on the street, in the woods, or at the Gloucester train station. “I like it better over here. It’s a lot more open and a lot bigger. It’s very welcoming.

“I love the food here, I like the services they provide — they give you clothes and blankets, and the people help you a lot,” added Andrew, who is homeless due to a heroin addiction he hopes to have kicked as a result of a recent visit to a treatment facility.

“This was the most selfless thing that anyone can do,” Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken said of Gloucester House owner Lenny Linquata’s willingness to welcome homeless people to “this beautiful waterfront function hall, [a place] that makes you feel like a princess when you get married there.”

Linquata, whose restaurant has been donating meals to the Grace Center each month the past several years, said with his function hall available and Lifebridge in need of space, “We thought this was something that could work for the Grace Center, the city, and the underserved community.”



Creating joy during the 2020 holiday season hasn’t been as simple as in previous years. Despite all, I am grateful for so much, but most especially for my loving family, and, too, that our very elderly relatives –my husband Tom’s parents , my Mom, and Auntie Joy– have not been struck down by the virus.

I am especially thankful for Tom, who always puts his family first in every way imaginable way. He has been our anchor during the past ten months. Last night we celebrated our anniversary. Usually we would go out to celebrate but instead, Alex and Liv made a wonderfully fun delicious surprise dinner. My favorite is lobster, so they prepared that for the first course. Tender, sweet, and cooked to perfection. One of Tom’s favorite dinners is Alex’s Bolognese sauce, accompanied by Danielle’s pasta. That, along with a super deluxe bottle of Lambrusco from Savour, and a loaf of Virgilio’s bread made extra delicious with buttery garlic, well it was heavenly. The best fun and most memorable anniversary ever <3

Photos by Liv


A beautiful golden seal pup was seen at Long Beach Sunday morning. The little Harbor Seal appeared to be only about 25 pounds and was possibly a newborn. The pup was found at the high tide line and was perfectly intact; perhaps he had died within hours of finding him.

Baby Harbor seals spend much of their time out of water on beaches resting and warming while their moms are in the water looking for food. We don’t know how this seal became separated from its mom, but if you do find a dead baby seal on the beach contact NOAA to let them know. NOAA Hotline: 866-755-6622 (Maine through Virginia).

Edited Note – My friend Sandy shared the following phone number from New Hampshire’s Seacoast Science Center, writing that this number is a cell phone so you can easily send a text and photo: 603-997-9448.  Ainsley Smith shares that SSC number is good as far south as Essex.

This is a good time of year to remind everyone what to do if you find a living seal pup, or a seal of any age, on the beach. Please keep a distance of at least 100 feet away, which is the law, and keep dogs far away. From the 100 feet distance, check to see if the seal is injured. If the seal appears to be in good  condition, leave it alone and remind fellow beach goers to keep their distance. A mother seal may leave her pup on the beach for up to 48 hours!

If the seal is struggling or appears to be injured contact NOAA at 866-755-6622


Charlotte and I vote Castaways Vintage Cafe the best apple juice you will ever taste, bar none! Bianca’s fresh pressed apple cider is refreshing and absolutely heavenly!


Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester🐟🦞🇺🇸 Check Out today’s Menu!

A wide offering of high quality, wild caught, sustainable seafood at great prices!

On a side note I cant really hold back sorry, with all that’s going on in the world try and remain positive, try to get more fresh air, eat more fresh food, be supportive to anyone you come in contact with. We are only on this earth for a short period of time so why be negative. Lets bring each others spirits up. Accept others opinions, be open minded if you can. You all have made an impact already on the fishing industry by supporting it the way you have. It happened over night, you chose to buy local instead of imports you chose to support your local business and we hired more great people. You chose to smile when you see us and we smiled back. We have the power to change our surroundings but we are stronger together. Ok enough jibber jabber, have a great day everyone!

Located at 37 Rogers St. Gloucester MA
Drive Thru and order or call 978-281-7707
order Lobsters at drive thru only
Wed-Fri 10am-4pm Sat-Sun 8am-2pm
Cash and Credit accepted


Yesterday morning while filming on the waterfront, activity at the Blue Collar Lobster Co. caught my attention and I stopped by to see what was happening. Two words –


The entire front of the house has been enclosed in glass, with a to-go window, which allows for safe food preparation and service. The restaurant is being kept super clean (the steam cleaning man was just finishing up when I stopped by) and everyone is wearing masks.

Don’t you love the “clean pens” and “dirty pens” idea?!

Lenny shares that for the next phase of restaurant openings, June 8th I believe, the outdoor bar and dining area is organized with six foot spacing for super safe dining.

Blue Collar Lobster Co. is now serving lobsters, fresh fried seafood, sandwiches, chowder, cornbread, shrimp, salads, fish tacos, and more . Additionally you can purchase fresh off the boat seafood at wholesale prices including lobsters, haddock, and STEAMERS FOR ONLYY FIVE DOLLARS PER POUND!

Our fabulous steamers from the Blue Collar Lobster Co. No broken or undersized clams– every clam was perfect and delicious! 

It is always so fun and picturesque at the Blue Collar Lobster Co. I plan to stop by on a sunnier afternoon or early evening when the cafe lights are on to take more photos.

Blue Collar Lobster Co. is open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 11:30am to 8:30pm

63 Rogers Street in Gloucester



Happy Memorial Day!

The flags that you see lining the boulevard are organized each year by Pauline Bresnihan. She owns the gift shop Pauline’s Giftson Essex Avenue in Gloucester, with many lovely hand painted and whimsical items for your home and garden.

Good Harbor Beach open to half capacity.

Piping Plover endangered/threatened species signs installed at GHB.

Sending thanks and gratitude to everyone who wrote emails <3

Piping Plovers are on the agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday night, which will be live streamed at 7pm.

Alexandra and Jon at Alexandra’s Bread

Castaways Vintage Café

Caffe Sicilia

Short and Main

Beauport Hotel

Incredible job at Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester

Tree Peony, Rock’s peony, divinely scented,five blossoms

Please report your Monarch sightings. .

Piping Plover Chronicles continue –excellent detailed footage of Piping Plovers mating.

Two Eggs!


Despite the pandemic, Alexandra’s Bread is continuing  to provide the community with their fabulous bread and super delicious baked goods. It couldn’t be simpler shopping there, two people at a time in the shop, and you can preorder. Jon Hardy and Alexandra Rhinelander

Tom and I shared Alexandra’s Bread wonderfully delicious cranberry scones for a late breakfast this morning. I hadn’t intended, but couldn’t pass up a loaf of their exquisite olive bread, jam packed with  plump black olives. So sorry I bit into it before taking a photo.

Hot Tip from Alexandra – the bandanas they are wearing come from Nelson’s,  just down the street. Only $2.00 a piece!

Alexandra’s Bread is located at 265 Main Street

Phone 978-281-3064



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am – 4pm,

Saturday and Sunday 8am – 2pm

978-281-7707 for pre orders. 🐟🇺🇸🦞 

All products are fresh uncooked and landed from our local fishing vessels.

Located in the Food Truck Fisherman’s Wharf parking lot.

Drive Up orders welcomed.

Call ahead orders 978-281-7707 during operating hours.

Cash or Credit accepted.

LOCATED @37 Rogers St. Gloucester MA 01930

Note: Our products are different from typical fish markets. We promote our abundant and locally landed seafood. Top quality, fair prices, a win win for our community. Thanks for your support.

Catch of the Day – MONKFISH!



Timelapse Sunrise Twin Lighthouses at Thacher Island

To clarify about My Blog. Several friends have written with confused questions re my blog. I have been writing, filming, designing, photographing, and painting all my life. I started my own blog long before I began contributing to a local community blog. I both wrote and illustrated a book on garden design, Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!, which was published by David R. Godine, and have written many articles for numerous publications including a weekly column on habitat gardening. Here is a link to my blog and to my book, Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden.

If you would like to follow or subscribe to my blog, click the Follow button in the lower right hand corner. Thank you so much if you do!

Baltimore Orioles arrive when the pears and crabapples come into bloom in our garden. Great idea for an Oriole feeder from friend Robin!

Shadblow (Amelanchier canadensis) question from Morgan Faulds Pike

Caffe Sicilia reopening May 20, Wednesday. What are you going to order?

We Love the Franklin Cape Ann

Castaways Vintage Cafe

Gloucester Fisherman’ Wharf

Cedar Rock Gardens

Piping Plover Chronicles –

Piping Plover Smackdowns

Still no threatened/endangered species signage. Please write to your councilor.

How can you help raise the next generation of PiPls? It’s a great deal to ask of people during coronavirus to care for, and write letters about, tiny little shorebirds, but people do care. For over forty years, partners have been working to protect these threatened creatures and it is a shame to put them at risk like this needlessly.  We have been working with Ward One City Councilor Scott Memhard and he has been beyond terrific in helping us sort through the problems this year; however, I think if we wrote emails or letters to all our City Councilors and asked them to help us get signs installed it would be super helpful. Please keep letters kind and friendly, or just simply copy paste the following:

Subject Line: Piping Plovers Need Our Help

Dear City Councilors,

Gloucester Plovers need our help. Please ask the Conservation Commission to install the threatened species signs at the symbolically cordoned off nesting areas and at the entrances at Good Harbor Beach.

Thank you for helping these birds raise their next generation.

Your Name

Link to all the City Councilors, but I believe that if you send one letter and also cc to Joanne Senos, a copy will be sent to all the City Councilors. Her address is:

Piping Plover Smackdown


What will you have? I think I am going to treat my family to Caffe Sicilia’s wonderfully delicious cannolis <3


Last night we tried Franklin Cape Ann’s online ordering and curbside pick up. Ordering was a breeze  no funky disconnect as we have experienced at other restaurants, and pick up was a snap.

Our fantastic dinner last night –

Tom had the baked haddock with green beans and garlicky mashed potatoes, which he raved about.

I had the Franklin’s fabulous grilled calamari (the best in town, truly), which is served with white beans and lightly dressed fresh greens.

We shared a delightfully delicious crispy eggplant, tomato, and mozzarella salad.

I inquired, and in a few weeks, they may bring back their world famous orange creme caramel. YUMM!! Everything was perfectly cooked and warm when it arrived home, too. Ten Stars!!

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We are open today from 10am-4pm. No need to call ahead to order, just use our contactless Drive Thru and order at the the Food Truck. Also offshore lobsters being offloaded now at the dock by Fishing Vessel Miss Trish II, will be available at the Food Truck!

To help promote our locally caught and abundant Pollock, we are having a giveaway! To enter is simple, just post a photo of your finished product of Pollock under this post along with a brief recipe, and we will pick 2 winners which will be announced on Saturday May 16th!! Thank you once again for supporting our local fishing industry, we hope you enjoy!

Send photos to Fisherman’ Wharf Gloucester Facebook page here

Step -by –step how to cook locally abundant pollock from Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester


Thrilled the Franklin is open for take out tonight!



So very sorry to read this and hoping so much to see Howie rebuild

ESSEX (CBS) – A fire that tore through a popular seafood restaurant in Essex, just hours after a busy day of takeout orders, was caused by a gas heater left running overnight, investigators said.

Flames broke out in the kitchen at Essex Seafood on Eastern Avenue around 11 p.m. Sunday. No one was hurt, but it took firefighters about an hour to get the fire under control.

“The fire originated over the counter area where there was a 15-20 year old ceiling mounted gas heater. The heater had been left running overnight after the restaurant closed,” the State Fire Marshal’s Office said in a statement Monday.

Damaged is estimated at $250,000. The building inspector said it is “probably a total loss.”

Essex Seafood the morning after a devastating fire there, May 11, 2020. (Photo credit: Anna Meiler – WBZ-TV)