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So very much missing Saint Joseph Day friends. The following post is from last year, the first St. Joseph Day not shared with friends and family due to the global pandemic. Hopefully, 2021 is the last.

Viva San Giuseppe! March 19, 2020

I think it’s especially difficult for senior friends who look forward each year to ten days with loved ones. I sure missed seeing my “granny” that I’ve come to love while celebrating and honoring St. Joesph at the Groppo home.

Here’s a happy St. Joe story for you – When my husband and I were looking for a home to purchase in Gloucester we were in a terrible bind. We had to be out of rental home suddenly and unexpectedly. I found what seemed like our dream home but then learned It had sold only days earlier. We heard the woman had perhaps purchased the house without the intention to live in it. We approached her and she said yes she would consider selling it to us, but then over the course of the next month, she raised the price three times. The house was wreck, a true fixer-upper, but still it had great bones and I was in love with it.

My friend Claudia gave me a Saint Joseph necklace with the instructions to pray to Saint Joseph and to bury the necklace in the ground of our dream house. Patron Saint of Sicily, of homes, carpenters, artists, and all workers, she said it would bring us luck.

All that time ago, and this beautiful old house has provided us with 24 years of joyous memories, and a place to call home. Happy Saint Joseph Day friends <3

The photos are in no particular order and also include a few snapshots from Ann Margaret Ferrante and Maria Cannova’s beautiful Saint Joseph altars. Click on the first photo to view slide show.


Creating joy during the 2020 holiday season hasn’t been as simple as in previous years. Despite all, I am grateful for so much, but most especially for my loving family, and, too, that our very elderly relatives –my husband Tom’s parents , my Mom, and Auntie Joy– have not been struck down by the virus.

I am especially thankful for Tom, who always puts his family first in every way imaginable way. He has been our anchor during the past ten months. Last night we celebrated our anniversary. Usually we would go out to celebrate but instead, Alex and Liv made a wonderfully fun delicious surprise dinner. My favorite is lobster, so they prepared that for the first course. Tender, sweet, and cooked to perfection. One of Tom’s favorite dinners is Alex’s Bolognese sauce, accompanied by Danielle’s pasta. That, along with a super deluxe bottle of Lambrusco from Savour, and a loaf of Virgilio’s bread made extra delicious with buttery garlic, well it was heavenly. The best fun and most memorable anniversary ever <3

Photos by Liv


Best Christmas <3


Wishing all my Friends a peaceful Winter Solstice <3 Today marks the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. Tragedy after tragedy every day fills our lives but there is hope and light. Praying 2021 will bring peace, compassion, and the best of health to all.

Since Thanksgiving, Charlotte has been back with us full time. Even if one tried, it’s nearly impossible to be sad living with a three year old. She’s at the tender, magical age of wonderment, accompanied by innumerable questions, all the while daily conquering new challenges.Saturday was her very first time sledding. She sped down the hill countless times with her Dad (our son Alex), and TiTi (daughter Liv) and loved every minute.

The following day, Sunday, Charlotte only wanted to sled down on her own and insisted on carrying her sled to the top of the hill without adult assistance.
Day three, and she was fearlessly snowboarding with her Dad. I think we have another natural born athlete in the family <3


Favorite kind of day and Charlotte’s first Big Snowstorm!

Liv photo 


You would be hard pressed to find someone more excited about the pending snowstorm than our whirling dervish Charlotte. Last year you may recall that there was virtually no snow on Cape Ann so this is really her first big storm as a toddler. Hooray for being three years old!

Rest In Peace JUD GALE – Farewell dear friend, beloved by so many

Our dear friend Jud Gale passed away on November 18, 2020. He was 93 and 3/4 year old. Jud  lived everyday to the fullest and was an inspiration to all of we who were blessed to know him. He left behind his beautiful blended family of Gales and Gunns, along with a community of loving friends. Jud had the most remarkable ability to change and grow with the times and always took interest in other people’s stories. He was beloved for his compassion, sense of humor and fun, his ability to council wisely, and kind and generous nature.

Jud’s daughter Emily Gale, who, along with his wife Kari, were with him by his side at his passing.  Emily shared his obituary this morning and wrote the following, “Despite outliving most of the mates of his youth, hundreds of people wanted to express how much he meant to them at his memorial service and after, including myself. It was a great gift to be his daughter.” Jud’s memorial service was held virtually at the Annisquam Village Church.

Justin Edgerton Gale
January 8, 1927 – November 18, 2020

Justin Edgerton “Jud” Gale, 93, passed away peacefully at home in Annisquam, a

neighborhood of Gloucester, MA on Wednesday November 18, 2020. He was

surrounded by love. His passing leaves a giant hole in the hearts of his devoted wife,

Kari (nee Scott) Gunn Gale; his children Henry and wife Susan, his son Peter, his son

Benjamin and wife Kristina, and his daughter Emily. Kari and Emily were at his side

for the past many weeks. Jud also leaves 8 grandchildren (Jessica, Elizabeth,

Bennett, Bill, Sarah, Katrina, Sam, and Juliana); 7 great grandchildren (Isobel, Avery,

Aaron, Emma, Aidin, Riley, and Clara); his brother James and wife Virginia; his brother in

law Edward Reynolds; and Kari’s family Catherine Gunn, MaryHelen Gunn, Matthew

Laurence, and Sophie Laurence. He was predeceased in June 2009 by his first wife of 59

years, Betsy (nee Miriam Elizabeth Peabody) and later by his sister Joan Gale Reynolds.

Jud was born in 1927 in Boston MA, the eldest of 3 children. After graduating from

Phillips Academy Andover, he was enrolled at Tufts University for 2 years in the

Naval ROTC. As WWII ended, he began 2 years at Harvard University, where he was

the stroke for the National Championship Crew team (inducted into the Harvard

Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 1973). He was then named the Harvard Fellow

at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, and set sail for England. It was on this

voyage that he met his beloved wife Betsy.


Jud spent 37 successful years working for Proctor and Gamble. He raised his family

in Terrace Park, OH and gave of himself and his time to support St. Thomas Church

and its charitable works and the Terrace Park community. Retiring at age 60, he

went on to a second career supporting HUD based programs in subsidized housing

and the people who lived within. He joined and took leadership positions in

organizations everywhere he lived, and was fully committed to community activities.

Jud was a keen sportsman, successfully participating in many sports throughout his

school and University days. Tennis and sailing were lifelong pursuits which he only

reluctantly gave up at 90. He treasured the early retirement years sailing the

Caribbean on Bynam’s Beauty, a 51ft sloop, with his wife, Betsy.


Later, he retired to Naples, FL and his beloved ancestral home in Annisquam, MA

where he gave of his devoted his time, energy, and life lessons to family and friends.

Many a novice sailor delights in stories of his expert tutelage! Jud also charmed his

friends and competitors at the bridge table.


Jud was blessed with a second marriage to his beloved Kari in 2011. They enjoyed

many active years together, sharing adventures in Hawaii, Vancouver, London, Italy,

and a favorite cruise in the Baltic. He enthusiastically supported the Annisquam

Village Church, the Annisquam Yacht Club, the Annisquam Library, and the Naples

Bath and Tennis Academy.


He filled his life with joy, service, generosity and love. For these and countless other

gifts of his life, his family will be eternally grateful.


A celebratory tribute to Jud was held during the Annisquam Village Church Service on

November 22nd. A private family interment will be held at a later date.


Memorial contributions in honor of Justin E. Gale may be made to:

The Annisquam Village Church
820 Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


Or to:

Care Dimensions
75 Sylvan Street, B-102
Danvers, MA 01923