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It’s been approximately six weeks since we were asked to social distance. Tragically, the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are still high in Massachusetts. Yet despite that, I think social distancing is still our best weapon against Coronavirus and that the epidemic would be much worse, unfathomably worse, if we were not.

Don’t you think the word physical distancing  more accurately portrays what we are doing? Gratefully, we are are still able to communicate with our friends and loved ones. The people working on the front lines are so much more deeply affected than we who are quarantined safely at home. I don’t only worry constantly about my friends who are nurses and midwives, but am also terrified something will happen to my Mom and Aunt who both live in Florida, terrified because I am not sure how I would be able to hep them if either were struck. And, hardest of all, our daughter is on the west coast.

I think of our predicament more in terms of physical distancing  and try to focus on the better aspects of the pandemic (if there is such a thing). For one thing, the country is virtually united in the fight. Nationwide polls show that eighty-five to ninety percent of all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, believe physical distancing and testing are our best defense against this terrible, terrible disease.

Today , as in practically every other day of the pandemic, I am organizing thousands of hours of footage. Every single film clip from years of ongoing projects do not speak to my new computer program. I don’t really mind though because it is providing the opportunity to also pick out the best clips for the Saint Joseph, Piping Plover, and Saint Peter film projects. One at time they have to be converted  however, I can do the conversions while simultaneously taking care of our granddaughter and working on Monarch film distribution avenues. Today with Charlotte we are planning to build a super duper deluxe Fort, paint pictures of Plovers and cupcakes (her favorite), draw with my fancy Prismacolor pencils (also her favorite), read a mountain of story books, and make cupcakes. Hopefully, that will take us to nap time ❤

What are doing today? Please write and let us know. Thank you!

Stay safe and take care. xo

Liv and Charlotte Brace Cove


So very much missing Saint Joseph Day friends. I think it’s especially difficult for senior friends who look forward each year to ten days with loved ones. I sure missed seeing my “granny” that I’ve come to love while celebrating and honoring St. Joesph at the Groppo home.

Here’s a happy St. Joe story for you – When my husband and I were looking for a home to purchase in Gloucester we were in a terrible bind. We had to be out of rental home suddenly and unexpectedly. I found what seemed like our dream home but then learned It had sold only days earlier. We heard the woman had perhaps purchased the house without the intention to live in it. We approached her and she said yes she would consider selling it to us, but then over the course of the next month, she raised the price three times. The house was wreck, a true fixer-upper, but still it had great bones and I was in love with it.

My friend Claudia gave me a Saint Joseph necklace with the instructions to pray to Saint Joseph and to bury the necklace in the ground of our dream house. Patron Saint of homes and carpenters and all workers, she said it would bring us luck.

All that time ago, and this beautiful old house has provided us with 24 years of joyous memories, and a place to call home. Happy Saint Joseph Day friends

The photos are in no particular order and also include a few snapshots from Ann Margaret Ferrante and Maria Cannova’s beautiful Saint Joseph altars. Click on the first photo to view slide show.


After Thursday’s storm we tried going for a beach walk at Good Harbor, Brace Cove, and Niles before giving up and finding a less windy stroll along Niles Pond.  The water was a gorgeous deep ultramarine and even the inner harbor was beautiful with whitecaps.


Family fun at Half Moon Beach and StageFort Park

Skipping rocks -like father, like daughter


What is this thing called snow?



The brand new beautiful School Street Sunflower field is not to be missed. With gently rolling hills, abundantly planted rows, and a wide, easy path to stroll (easy enough for a two-year-old to navigate), the 5 acres of sunflowers is a wildflower lover’s dream.

Paul Wegzyn and his Dad, also Paul Wegzyn, shared their enthusiasm for this exiting new venture.

There are picnic tables for those who would like to take lunch, and positioned artfully around the fields are photo props such as tractors and bales of hay, but for the most part, the scene is straight up gorgeous sunflowers (and bees!).

The variety planted blooms in 50 to 60 days from when planted and today is day 61. Only a few flowers have droopy seed-laden heads, or have passed. NOW is the time to go as the blooms will all have expired in another two weeks.

Kissable Butterflies

School Street Sunflower Farm

At the corner of Linebrook Road and School Street (for google maps type in – 79 Linebrook Road)

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Open 8am to sunset.

The cost is eight dollars during the week, ten dollars on weekends, and the ticket covers a full day. Wristbands are available if you would like to return the same day. Children under five are free.

Instagram: @schoolstreetsunflowers

Facebook: @schoolstreetsunflowers

Thoughtful sayings posted throughout the field ~

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

Our Funny Valentine

Puddle Jumping (and puddle sitting)!

When our kids were little people they loved Stage Fort Park, and now here we are with Charlotte

Gloucester Girl at the Wheel

The Cape Ann Museum has a wonderful children’s activity room, perfect for a winter day when its too cold to go to the park. Come on by and enjoy!

Caffe Sicilia is super family friendly, too, with friendly faces, yummy treats, and spacious seating. Charlotte had her first bites of cannoli, and of course, she loved it! 

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Caffe Sicilia for first ever cannoli #gloucesterma

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And she loved it ❤️#gloucesterma

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And I loved my heart cappuccino #gloucesterma ❤️

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Waxing Cold Moon of December

Friday at day’s end Charlotte and I were walking along our favorite route when she pointed to the sky and said Moon, Moon. I wasn’t thinking to look for the Moon, but there it was, peaking through the clouds. This photo is for her 🙂

Good Harbor Beach Super High Tide

I had an unexpected extra afternoon off with Charlotte so we decided to check out today’s high tide and waves at Good Harbor Beach. In some areas, the tide came up all the way to the edge of the bluff. The waves weren’t high, but the undertow was super, super strong, nonetheless, folks were swimming and surfing in the surprisingly warm water.

You can see in the above photo how high was the tide today.

Sand taste-testing


Ssshhhing nobody but me, then time for a quick catnap.

See you again soon beach!


Looked who stopped by to show off Mama Dawn Sarrouf’s handmade super fun PomPom hats!

East Gloucester neighborhood friends Esme, Meadow, and Sabine

Live from the Women’s March NYC!

Thanks to Liv for sharing photos of the 2018 Women’s March in NYC. Tens of thousands of folks are pouring in from the surrounding boroughs. That’s New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio in the first two photos.