Snowy Owl Film Project

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann

A five part short film series, A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann was created for young people in our community during the global pandemic while they are taking classes virtually and studying from home (and for adult Snowy lovers, too!). Please share with educators and kids you know who may be interested.

*For script advice,  a sincere thank you is owed  to Scott Weidensaul, who I met through contacting  Project SNOWstorm.

Thank you to everyone for your very kind comments for this series. It has been a joy creating for such an enthusiastic audience ❤

Thank you for watching! 


 *Scott Weidensaul is the author of more than two dozen books and is a field researcher specializing in migration. In addition to co-founding SNOWstorm, he is a co-director of Project Owlnet, and has directed the Ned Smith Center’s owl-banding project for 22 years. He is a founder of the Northeast Motus Collaboration, and a co-founder of Critical Connections, a research program with the National Park Service to understand the migration of birds on national park lands in Alaska.

Thank you to Jenny, Ellie, and Isla (Part Five: Snowy Owl Returns to the Arctic) for being excellent Snowy Owl stewards!

Snowy Owl Resources:

Project SNOWstorm

Snowy Owl Project

Owl Research Institute

Selection of stills from A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann, starring Cape Ann’s Snowy Owl, along with the Snowies from around Boston’s North Shore that appear in the film. They include Snowy Owls from Crane Beach, Salisbury Beach (Diablo), Winthrop Shores Reservation, and Plum Island.

Snowy Owl World Distribution Map

More Reading and Photos (adding more daily)

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Part Four: Wonderfully Rare Footage- Snowy Owl Takes a Bath

Final Episode: Snowy Owl Returns to the Arctic


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