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While looking though old photo albums for my new website design I found some treasures. When I can find the time to scan the images I hope to add more periodically.

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My best friends modeling dresses from my very first collection ~ They were so wonderful to come by and try on some of the samples! My husband Tom took snapshots in front of our apartment on Comm. Ave.

Best friends dresses -2

Gina Barrow, Kate Hines, Annie Dayton, me, Donna Casey

The fabric was gorgeous, a light weight and floaty linen and cotton blend. Looking back I think how crazy–although at the time I loved every minute–I drafted and draped every pattern, made prototypes out of muslim, then cut and stitched every stictch, and then marched around the streets of New York City with oversized suitcases full of samples to order. I saved a few of the dresses, coats, and suits and my daughter Liv loves to wear them today! I think the designs are fun and modern but also relatively timeless. As I find in my landscape and interior design projects I never tire of nor does updated classic design ever go out of style.

Best friends and dresses

Gina, me, Donna, Kate, and Annie

Best friends dresses 3

*   *   *

Finding more treasures ~ Tom’s “selfies” from the 1980s

Tom and KimCoral Beach and Tennis Club , Bermuda

Tom and Kim -2

Tom and Kim Bermuda

I don’t think people today are any more narcissistic than previous generations, they just have loads more fun and accessible tools readily on hand!

More selfies from the eighties ~Tom and Kim bermuda -7 tiger swimsuit

Tom and I in Bermuda, with me wearing one of my favorite swimsuits from the collection I designed for Bergdorf Goodman. The tiger print fabric was gorgeous, with a light touch of gold lurex thread running through the pattern. The design was very successful and I think the reason was, in part, because I was bucking the trend with this one-piece design, which was during the era of thong bikinis. Tom and Kim bermuda -8 tiger swimsuit

Tom and Kim bermuda -5 ltCoral Beach, BermudaKim Bermuda tiger

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  3. JG

    Who knew? The uber sexy and sultry Kim Smith – fashion designer and selfie pioneer! YAY you!.


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