Official Trailer – The Piping Plovers of Moonlight Bay

Come discover the wondrous story of the Piping Plovers of Moonlight Bay. Told through the adventures of Pippi and Papi Plover, and their blended family of chicks, experience the life story of the Piping Plover, from courtship to nesting to fledging to migration.

Piping Plovers are a sentinel species. They are a bellwether of how successfully wildlife, their habitats, and people interface with one another, especially in light of the growing threat of habitat loss. These remarkably resilient birds are well adapted to life on the beach, but without adequate protective measures, Piping Plovers are extremely vulnerable to human and predator disturbances.

We are inspired by the beauty of their life story and also highly aware of the formidable challenges these valiant little birds face at every stage of life.

Learn how we can all become stewards of these pocket-sized, nonetheless, courageous, threatened shorebirds.

Official Trailer: The Piping Plovers of Moonlight Bay from Kim Smith on Vimeo.

This film was made possible in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

The Piping Plovers of Moonlight Bay is a 58-minute narrated documentary. Coming in the fall of 2023!

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