The $13.99 Coronation Illustration

My husband asked Charlotte, “Did you see the Coronation on TV?” “No, Bops, what is a coronation,” she responded. He explained briefly, she went to her art table and proceeded to draw this wonderful illustration of the Coronation featuring Queen Camilla, adding many imagined details including a castle with a moat.

Usually she gifts us her drawings but this time she asked, “Would you like my drawing?” I said. “Yes of course.”  She said “It’s $13.99.” I said really?? My five-year-old granddaughter said, “Mimi, I drive a hard bargain.”  

Thinking of the stuffed animal she had seen at Russel Orchards earlier that afternoon that cost $13.99, which I told her “not today,” I said okay to the $13.99 illustration. After all, she had figured out a way to earn the kitten stuffie.

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