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The most perfect and delicious turtles on planet Earth, sublime truffles, cherries dipped in Grand Marnier infused chocolate, and the sweetest owner Hallie and staff are just some of the reasons to love Christmas shopping at Turtle Alley. Turtle Alley is in non-stop holiday production mode, creating beautiful chocolate confections for gift giving and entertaining . You’ll find lots of fun stocking stuffers and penny candy for the little ones, too.

Watch in the video how each individual candy is meticulously positioned on the conveyor belt.

Turtles in the making

Needhams – Mounds for grownups



Not the scrumptious chocolately kind that Hallie at Turtle Alley makes, but a wonderful turtle pig pile nonetheless.

A half dozen Eastern Painted Turtles catching the last of the seasons sun rays before heading to the muddy bottom of the pond to hibernate.

You can’t tell by the image, but the Painted Turtle in the above photo was not any larger than two inches long. They look nearly identical, no matter the age.

The Eastern Painted Turtle is our most common native turtle and this beauty was found at Niles Pond, crossing the road heading towards one of several little babbling brooks that flow towards the pond. Perhaps it was planning to hibernate there as it was the last day of October.

Turtles are ectotherms, which means that their body temperature mirrors the temperature of the surrounding water. During the fall, they find a comfy spot in the mud and burrow in. The Painted Turtle’s metabolism slows dramatically and they won’t usually come up for air until spring, although even during hibernation they require some slight bit of oxygen, which they take in through their skin.