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Scenes from today’s Maritime Heritage Day – The event runs from 10am to 4pm, with demonstrations and sails taking place throughout the day. Some of the highlights are the kid-friendly demonstrations including a vintage rope making machine, an iron forger, and Sea Scouts explaining oyster culture.


One of the very favorite demonstrations was net-making, taught by Captain Joe Sanfilippo of Extreme Gloucester Fishing.


Captain Joe Sanfilippo is part of the SaLT group (Sea and Land Together) that gives lectures and teaches classes at Cedar Rock Garden. A new series of classes is being offered in the fall

More about Extreme Gloucester Fishing

Extreme Gloucester Fishing Commercial Fishing Training Center is a sustainable fisheries learning center, providing hands on training in the classroom and on local commercial fishing vessels. Our focus is the professional training of sustainable fishing practices and job placement within the fishing community. During your time at Extreme Fishing you will develop personally, academically and professionally. Whatever your focus:
– Marine Safety
– Marine Electronics
– Vessel Handling
– Diesel Mechanics
– Fishing methods and terminology
– Policies and Regulations

With the completion of the curriculum you will have learned the skills, knowledge and tools to build a foundation for a successful future. Captain Joseph Sanfilippo is a Northeast Commercial Fisherman born and raised in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts, the youngest of five boys born into the business. His extensive knowledge, work ethic and passion for the industry has led him to pursue and achieve great accomplishments. He has co-owned three 60-90 foot stern trawlers and personally owned and operated an 86 foot trawler. Having started working on family boats, he acquired the many skills it takes to be one of the best Commercial Fishing Captains in the Northeastern U.S. His passion and heritage have led him to teach his skills to many young Commercial Fishermen. He has worked with many community boat repair and fishing gear shops along the way and takes tremendous pride in all he does. At age 50, he is one of the youngest Captains in the Gloucester fleet.

Our Vision is for Extreme Gloucester Fishing Training Center to provide an oceans, bays and river related theme based education designed to actively engage and challenge it’s students in all things commercial fishing. Trainees will be valued for their strong work ethic, knowledge, experience and leadership capabilities. Extreme Gloucester Fishing will stay on the leading edge of innovative technologies and teaching strategies and help support a sustainable fishery. Gloucester is home to a rich fishing history and has to be first in its approach to commercial fishing to stay competitive.


Congratulations to SaLT Academy for receiving an Awesome Gloucester grant! What a fantastic and incredibly timely, relevant idea!!!

What is SaLT?

The project’s draft mission statement —a work under development— reads: Create community food security, agility and interconnectivity through collaborative innovation directed at serving the needs of Gloucester today, while preparing for the future.

The project will focus on the interdependence of land and sea in our island environment. The project aims to bring attention to the vital role every Gloucester resident plays in protecting and nurturing our local food supply, by virtue of personal choices and actions. Outdoor education programs will allow local and visiting school-aged youth to experience the worlds of fishers and farmers, inspiring a sense of community and connection to the people and place that feed them. Next generation training for fishers and farmers, currently underway, will be a program highlight. In addition to hands on training by land and by sea, aspiring fishers and farmers will explore local ecosystem science while sharing their respective knowledge and enhancing their capacity as citizen scientists.

According to the USDA, “As consumers across the nation express a growing interest in a closer connection to their food producers—whether through access to more localized markets and/or shorter supply chains— cities and regions have begun to regard the expansion of local food marketing activities as a critical component of their economic development strategies.”

Responding to Change Together (a working name that will change as the project moves into its next developmental phase) unites a range of local industry experts to consider how a unified land and sea mind-set can enhance local food security and awareness as well as community agility and interconnectivity. Land & sea harvesters, processors, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, educators and scientists will create a rich and robust collaborative system designed to provide a renewed sense of pride, belonging, security and vision to America’s oldest, settled fishing port.