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Wonderfully eclectic and whimsical holiday treasures and treats are found at Alexandra’s Bread. You’ll find an assortment of hostess gifts including tea towels, aprons (with matching potholders), and tea cozies. There is beautiful fair trade holiday decor, along with lovely and unique handmade Christmas ornaments (see the Loons from Nova Scotia in the photo gallery).

Adding to the wonderfully whimsical atmosphere, Alexandra curates the bakery with a fun collection of vintage ceramics, textiles, local mementoes, curios, and glassware.I love shopping at Alexandra’s Bread, for the the fun cheeriness of the bakery, but mostly to say hello to Alexandra, Jon, and oftentimes their son Henry is there helping, too. We always have great conversation and I invariably leave thinking how fortunate we are to have a shop like Alexandra’s in our community. By-the-way, Henry is a GHS alumni and a recent graduate of Bates College, with a degree in conservation biology.

In addition to their exquisite French bread, cobbles, and olive bread, our family LOVES Alexandra’s cranberry scones and CHOCOLATE biscotti! While shopping be sure to get your bread and baked good’s orders in for the holidays ahead of time. The bakery will be open through Christmas Eve.

Alexandra’s is located at 265 Main Street, Gloucester.

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 8:30am til 2pm

Phone: 978-283-3064


Holiday shopping with my favorite little Christmas elf. Someone really wants that mermaid apron!

Alexandra’s Bread is chock-a-block full of beautiful tea towels, aprons, vintage treasures, honey, teas, and all manner of fun (and useful) gifts and stocking stuffers. And of course, fabulous baguettes, olive bread, cobbles, scones, and cookies (chocolate bsicotti!)

Alexandra’s is located at 265 Main Street in Gloucester. To pre-order bread for your holiday dinners call 978-281-3064.



For all our winged wonders,

For the birds, the butterflies, the bees,

And mostly

For the future of the littlest human wonders that we so cherish.

My friend and Cape Ann artist Mary Rhinelander created these amazingly fun posters. They are printed  beautifully as well; you can’t really see from the photos how well done they are. The “Kick Ass” posters are only twenty dollars each. But the truly most generous thing on Mary’s part is that the money goes towards either the Open Door Food Pantry or the ACLU, your choice!

Pick up your #KickAss poster at Alexandra’s Bread, located at 256 Main Street in Gloucester. Purchase more than one and give to a friend!

Alexandra’s Bread





Male American Bullfrog mating serenade

Beaver, Beaver Lily Pad Eater

Reinventing our culture to benefit the many, not just the few.

Pitch Perfect Pandemic Precautions –

Alexandra’s Bread

Blue Collar Lobster Co – Steamers!

Beauport Hotel

Cedar Rock Gardens

Wolf Hill native noneysuckle (Lonicera semervirens) and super Hummingbird attractant ‘John Clayton’

Common Eider Duckling Rescue with Hilary Frye

Thank you Jodi from Cape Ann Wildlife Inc!

Piping Plover Chronicles –

Exclosure installed by Greenbelt’s Dave Rimmer and Gloucester’s DPW’s Joe Lucido.

Huge Shout Out to Essex Greenbelt and Dave Rimmer, director of land stewardship.

Huge thank you to Joe Luciodo!

People’s Letters Really Helped. Thank you, thank you for writing!

Castaways Vintage Café Street Boutique

Charlotte Pops In <3


Despite the pandemic, Alexandra’s Bread is continuing  to provide the community with their fabulous bread and super delicious baked goods. It couldn’t be simpler shopping there, two people at a time in the shop, and you can preorder. Jon Hardy and Alexandra Rhinelander

Tom and I shared Alexandra’s Bread wonderfully delicious cranberry scones for a late breakfast this morning. I hadn’t intended, but couldn’t pass up a loaf of their exquisite olive bread, jam packed with  plump black olives. So sorry I bit into it before taking a photo.

Hot Tip from Alexandra – the bandanas they are wearing come from Nelson’s,  just down the street. Only $2.00 a piece!

Alexandra’s Bread is located at 265 Main Street

Phone 978-281-3064


Saint Peter's Fiesta Viva ©Kim Smith 2014 Alexandra's bread -2Durable, practical, fun, and cololorful–I can’t decide which of Frieda Grotjahn’s Fiesta designs I like better, VIVA or the Greasy Pole–both would be wonderful fun to own! All Again and Again bags are made of recycled sailcloth.

Again and Again Fiesta bags are available at their design studio, located at 195 East Main Street and at Alexandra’s Bread, 265 Main Street, Gloucester. See previous GMG posts about Again and Again: Shopping Local ~ Again and Again

Saint Peter's Fiesta Viva ©Kim Smith 2014 Alexandra's bread copy

Old Friends and Lobster for Lunch

Two of my oldest and dearest friends came for lunch this past week, Jeannette and Kate. I was in a jam for time and struggling with what to prepare. How silly to be stressed–what could possibly be more welcoming to serve to out of town friends than fresh lobster from the shores of Cape Ann? I ran over to the dock at Captain Joe’s the night before lunch, purchased four lobsters for a very reasonable price, cooked all four, ate one for dinner that evening, and shucked the meat of the remaining three. The next morning I found the most gorgeous and savory olive baguette at Alexandra’s Bread. I served the cold lobster, very lightly dressed with mayonnaise, over a bed of farm fresh baby romaine and my version of ceasar salad dressing, garnished with colorful wedges of fresh cantaloupe, and Alexandra’s bread. Lunch was simple to prepare, local, nutritious, delicious, and a huge hit!

I am so regretful I did not take any snapshots, but am not very good at entertaining and photographing simultaneously. Kate was snapping away with her iphone. Both she and my daughter take wonderful photos with their iphones–I think it has as much to do with their great “eye” as it does with the phone’s eye. I’ll write more about my friend Kate’s jewelry design business in a future post. You may have clicked on her link from the Designer section of my blog: Kate Hines. My beautiful ‘girl-with-a-pearl’ earrings that I wear nearly everyday were a gift from husband, made by Kate.

Kate Hines Photo ~ This is a mirror I made (or rather glued the shells to the old frame) years ago. Where did i find the time to do that??