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Breathtaking Sunrise at Good Harbor Beach

Glorious light and colors at Good Harbor Beach Monday morning. 


Turning violet to orange, within moments, a glorious Good Harbor Beach third day of summer sunrise.

Gloucester West Early Morning Sunrise

Channeling Edward Steichen

Jones River Salt Marsh West Gloucester

Red in the Morning, Sailor Take Warning

Red Sky Sunrise Niles Pond

Red sky in the morning,

sailor take warning.

Red sky at night,

sailor’s delight.

This old saying has an explanation and you can read about it here on the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory website.

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR SUNRISE (and one winsome Harbor Seal)!

Not the prettiest of sunsets, though not bad for a chilly January first morning. Initially it looked to be a bust, but the clouds parted a bit and the sun shone brightly through. Happy New Year wishes. I hope the coming year brings you much love, joy, happiness, and peace ❤

Sunrise sequence January 1, 2017new-years-day-sunrise-eastern-point-gloucester-2017-brace-cove-1-copyright-kim-smith


Brace Cove Daybreak

Contrast in blue – photo one was taken Saturday morning, the second photo on Sunday morning.daybreak-brace-cove-gloucester-sunrise-november-5-2016-copyright-kim-smith

daybreak-brace-cove-gloucester-sunrise-november-6-2016-copyright-kim-smithBrace Cove Gloucester