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A view that never disappoints

Choppy Harbor waters

Storm clouds departing

Later the same afternoon

Gloucester City Hall Sunset

Last night’s shifting sunset colors.

Calm Before the Storm

Good Morning! Brought to you by Rocky Neck–from an exquisitely sunny and peaceful morning.

Sunset Over Gloucester City Skyline

Show stopping sunset over Gloucester City Hall and skyline.

Schooner Adventure Docked at the Jodrey State Fish Pier

Recent snapshots of the Schooner Adventure docked at the Jodrey State Fish Pier

schooner-adventure-sunset-gloucester-harbor-copyright-kim-smith schooner-adventure-sunset-gloucester-harbor-2-copyright-kim-smith

Wednesday morning’s exquisite sunrise from Pirate’s Lane

Freemantle Doctor Fishing Boat Rockport ©Kim Smith 2015F/V Freemantle Doctor Heading Out

The sun’s light at daybreak coming up over the harbor after the snowstorm lent a golden aura to all. I find our neighborhood–the people, the architecture, the boats, the sweet little robins–to be a never ending source of inspiration. See panoramic view of Smith’s Cove sunrise, posted yesterday.

Cape Pond Ice winter Gloucester Harbor ©Kim Smith 2015Cape Pond Ice

Smith's Cove Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015Smith’s Cove

Gloucester City Hall winter snow @Kim Smith 2015Gloucester City Hall

Our Lady of Good Voyage winter snow Gloucester harbor ©kim Smith 2015Our Lady of Good Voyage Church

Americold ©Kim Smith 2015Americold

Maritime Heritage Gloucester winter snow ©Kim Smith 2015Maritime Gloucester

Pirate's Lane Arbor ©Kim Smith 2015

East Gloucester Americna Robin ©Kim Smith 2015Pirate’s Lane Robin