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The rain put the kibosh on viewing the full lunar eclipse, but happily the skies cleared fairly quickly to catch what I think is the tail end. You can see in the photo below that the Earth is casting a reddish shadow on the lower right side of the moon. The Moon had a lovely overall golden rusty-reddish hue as it was descending over the Harbor and behind Our Lady of Good Voyage.

I took a bunch of photos of the beautiful Beaver Moon over the past few days, the skies have been so cooperative!, and will try to find the time to post this weekend.


Sunday night was simply wonderful for sky watching. Looking eastward, the nearly full Beaver Moon (also called Frost Moon) rose over Brace Cove while the seals were still lolling about on the rocks.

Passing Niles Beach on the way home the last lingering red rays of light were illuminating the Boston skyline and the Dogbar Breakwater light.

Called the Beaver Moon because according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, November is when Beavers head into their lodges for the winter.

Full Beaver Moon rising

Harbor Seals in the rising moon and fading sun, Brace Cove






Frost Moon rising between  the Twin Lights. The Frost Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon and Mourning Moon. Oh how I wish I had my tripod with me tonight, but this image is fun anyway. I think it would make a better painting.

Home Stretch

Hello Friends,

If I have been slow to respond to emails, comments, facebook messages, photo requests, I sincerely apologize. It is because I am in the home stretch of getting all my clients decorated for the holidays and their gardens ready for winter. Beginning this coming Monday, knock wood, I can turn all my attention to films, friends, photos, programs, and book projects. See you soon 🙂

A few more snapshots from November’s full Frost Moon rising over Niles Pond 

If you click on the photo to embiggen, you can see craters in the moon’s surface, especially on the left side .

Beautiful birch tree at Niles Pond

November Frost Moon over Niles Pond

Exquisite Frost Moon and St. Ann Steeple

Everything lined up timing-wise early morning the day after Thanksgiving. The sky was clear and bright and that too made for perfect moon-viewing. Despite the wind and bitterly cold temperature, it was beautiful to see. After watching the moon descend over St. Ann, I walked further up the harbor and found a few more moon photos. 

November Frost Moon Rising Over Brace Cove and Niles Pond

November’s nearly full Frost Moon was rising over Brace Cove, while the sun was setting over the harbor. Violet sunset clouds swirled around the rising moon when moments later the moon shone brightly through the pine trees. November’s full moon is also called the Beaver Moon-both the early colonists and Algonquin tribes named it so because November was the designated time of year to set Beaver traps before ponds and swamps froze.

November Frost Moon rising over Niles Pond

Harbor Seals in the setting sun and rising moonlight–a seal-a-rock 🙂

December Frost Moon Over Gloucester Harbor

One more photo from December’s Frost Moon at dawn. The moon was rapidly loosing color in the sun’s first light, but still beautiful I think.