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Dark-eyed Junco (Snowbird)

A beautiful multitudinous flock of choristers has been chattering from every vantage point. The mixed flock of Dark-eyed Juncos and Golden-crowned Kinglets arrived to Cape Ann’s eastern edge on the same day. I don’t know if they are traveling together but they can be seen foraging in close proximity, from leaf litter to treetops.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglets are one of the teeny-tiniest of songbirds;  a bit larger than the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but not quite as large as the Black-capped Chickadee. They zoom in and out of the trees (mostly evergreens), hovering and hanging every which way when probing for insect prey.

The Dark-eyed Juncos (also know as Snowbirds) are mostly foraging close to the ground in grass and fallen leaves. They hop from place to place and flip up leaves looking for seeds. The Snowbirds fly up to the trees and shrubs when disturbed.

Note the array of shading in the individual Snowbird’s feathers, from slate gray to milk chocolate

Learn the birdsongs of these two beautiful species and you will easily be able to locate them. The Golden-crowned Kinglet sings a lovely ascending high pitched series of notes that end in a lower pitched warble. The Snowbird sings a series of kew, trills, whistles, and warbles that is also lovely and when the two are foraging in close proximity, it’s a joy to hear their mini symphony.

Golden-crowned Kinglet range map

Dark-eyed Junco range map


Out shopping with Liv and we stopped top see the beautiful sunset at Cape Hedge.

We mentioned the Ursids during this morning’s podcast and in the meantime I found this handy chart. The best time to see the meteor shower is tonight until dawn.

Ursids meteor shower for Gloucester (Night between December 22 and December 23)
Time Azimuth/Direction Altitude
Sun 4:00 pm 345°North-northwest 34.8°
Sun 5:00 pm 348°North-northwest 32.2°
Sun 6:00 pm 352°North 30.2°
Sun 7:00 pm 355°North 29.0°
Sun 8:00 pm North 28.5°
Sun 9:00 pm North 28.8°
Sun 10:00 pm North 29.9°
Sun 11:00 pm 11°North-northeast 31.8°
Mon 12:00 midnight 15°North-northeast 34.3°
Mon 1:00 am 17°North-northeast 37.3°
Mon 2:00 am 19°North-northeast 40.8°
Mon 3:00 am 19°North-northeast 44.4°
Mon 4:00 am 19°North-northeast 48.1°
Mon 5:00 am 16°North-northeast 51.5°
Mon 6:00 am 13°North-northeast 54.3°
Mon 7:00 am North 56.2°