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So very much missing Saint Joseph Day friends. The following post is from last year, the first St. Joseph Day not shared with friends and family due to the global pandemic. Hopefully, 2021 is the last.

Viva San Giuseppe! March 19, 2020

I think it’s especially difficult for senior friends who look forward each year to ten days with loved ones. I sure missed seeing my “granny” that I’ve come to love while celebrating and honoring St. Joesph at the Groppo home.

Here’s a happy St. Joe story for you – When my husband and I were looking for a home to purchase in Gloucester we were in a terrible bind. We had to be out of rental home suddenly and unexpectedly. I found what seemed like our dream home but then learned It had sold only days earlier. We heard the woman had perhaps purchased the house without the intention to live in it. We approached her and she said yes she would consider selling it to us, but then over the course of the next month, she raised the price three times. The house was wreck, a true fixer-upper, but still it had great bones and I was in love with it.

My friend Claudia gave me a Saint Joseph necklace with the instructions to pray to Saint Joseph and to bury the necklace in the ground of our dream house. Patron Saint of Sicily, of homes, carpenters, artists, and all workers, she said it would bring us luck.

All that time ago, and this beautiful old house has provided us with 24 years of joyous memories, and a place to call home. Happy Saint Joseph Day friends <3

The photos are in no particular order and also include a few snapshots from Ann Margaret Ferrante and Maria Cannova’s beautiful Saint Joseph altars. Click on the first photo to view slide show.


Letter: Kennedy the clear choice

August 26, 2020

To the editor:

We will be voting for Joe Kennedy for senator on Sept. 1 in the Democratic primary and ask you, our Democratic and unenrolled friends, to join us!

Six years ago, Ed Markey came to Gloucester to campaign for Senate. It was widely known that Markey refrained from signing on to any Massachusetts congressional letters supportive of the fishing industry. At the time, Markey explained that he had not been engaged in fisheries issues because they were not relevant to his congressional district, but that he would be supportive in the future.

Once elected senator statewide, Markey had an opportunity to find common ground between constituents on both sides of the fisheries issues. He did not take that opportunity. He has been invited to meet with lobstermen since the lobster tariffs went into effect. Markey has not responded.

As we have watched Joe grow up, we were proud of him, when:

He was elected congressman;

He defended the Affordable Care Act;

He described the foundation of public service, with a quote, which we and many others firmly believe in, “When I was hungry, did you feed me…”;

He came to Gloucester, years ago, to go on two dayboat fishing trips to understand the challenges our fishermen face, and;

He came to Gloucester well before the Senate race, to visit our health care clinic to discuss with Mayor Sefatia and our local officials his advocacy for community health centers, especially mental health.

From the day Joe announced his campaign, he has met with fishermen and Cape Ann residents, almost monthly to discuss their continued challenges.

We understand that some have heard Markey say that he got federal relief for fishermen. But larger shares went to Washington state and Alaska, even though Massachusetts hosts two of the largest fishing ports —New Bedford and Gloucester — which tells us who the real leaders of the effort were.

Additionally, the issues confronting the industry cannot be solved with money. If it were that easy, Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy would have delivered those dollars long ago.

Cape Ann deserves a senator who will show up, listen, and lead.

This year has been an exciting year for Massachusetts residents. We watched competent candidates for president compete on the campaign trail.

We would have thought that during a time when Elizabeth Warren and Seth Moulton were both out of state campaigning for president, Ed Markey would have been working hard, here in Massachusetts, to cover meetings Moulton and Warren couldn’t attend with constituents. However, as the Boston Globe reports Ed Markey was in Massachusetts fewer nights than Elizabeth Warren.

It’s been said that Kennedy and Markey have the same voting record, so what’s the difference?

If the difference is between Joe Kennedy, who will show up, engage his constituents, work with them to meet their challenges, and be a leader on issues important to the survival of Cape Ann’s economy and identity, or Markey, who will choose the simple path of signing letters, then Senator Markey’s inaction has made the choice easy for us.

It’s Joe Kennedy.

Ann-Margaret Ferrante

John Bell

Russell Sherman

Gloucestered market

Congressmen Joe Kennedy at the Boston Women’s March 2017


With thanks and gratitude to this beautiful lady for all that she does for our community.

Happy Birthday Ann Margaret!

Don’t you just love the way this little girl is looking up at her Dad <3

Ann Margaret Ferrante Wins All in Her Re-election to the State House

Ann Margaret Ferrante was victorious in every district and in every ward in Gloucester and won both Essex and Rockport as well.  

Ann Margaret Ferrante ©Kim Smith 2014jpg

Congratulations Ann! Our family is so proud to call you our State Representative.

All photos from Ann Margaret’s victory party at the Gloucester House Restaurant.

Ann Margaret Ferrant Shelia Loomis ©Kim Smith 2014

State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante and Sheila Lummis

Ann Margaret Ferrante Rebecca Jim Dowd ©Kim Smith 2014Ann Margaret with Rebecca and Jim Dowd

Paul Catherine McGeary Carolyn Stewart ©Kim Smith 2014Paul McGeary, Catherine McGeary, and Carolyn Stewart

Catherine Bayliss ©Kim Smith 2014Catherine Bayliss

Joan Kimberley Bill Fonvielle ©Kim Smith 2014Joan Kimberley with Bill Fonvielle

©Kim Smith 2014Jim Rebecca Dowd ©Kim Smith 2014Rebecca and Jim Dowd Checking Results

Happy 21 x 2 Birdthday Ann Margaret Ferrante!

Happy Birthday Ann Margaret!Friday night Ann Margaret’s friends and family threw her a fabulous and fun 21 x 2 birthday party under the tent at Mile Marker One. The full moon made for a perfect summer evening celebration and, with music provided by North Shore Acappella and delish picnic fare, everyone had a grand and festive time. Happy, Happy Birthday Ann!

John Tierney, Robert DeLeo, Ann Margaret Ferrante, Lenny Linquata ©Kim Smith 2014Congressman John Tierney, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, and Lenny Linquata

See Loads More Photos Here! Continue reading


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Good Night Saint Peter, Until Next Year!

Saint Peter's Fiesta Greasy Pole Gloucester harbor©Kim Smith 2014 -3

The ride to the platform was thrilling, and a little terrifying, as I wasn’t exactly sure how my not-waterproof camera gear would fare.

Saint Peter's Fiesta Greasy Pole ©Kim Smith 2014

Saint Peter's Fiesta Greay Pole ©Kim Smith 2014 -4Saint Peter's Fiesta Greay Pole ©Kim Smith 2014 -2After the pole walkers disembarked, the skipper kindly gave me a ride to shore to continue filming from Pavilion Beach.

Saint Peter's Fiesta Greasy Pole Pavilion Beach ©Kim Smith 2014The Walks began under windy conditions and the tide was low, as it had been all weekend, which made for a very, very long drop when the guys hit the water.

Saint Peter's Fiesta Greay Pole Mark Allen ©Kim Smith 2014Mark Allen

Congratulations to Mark Allen for winning the Sunday 2014 Greasy Pole title. Congratulation to Sunday’s Senior Seine Boat champions, the Wharf Rats, and junior champions, Bad Intentions!

Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014.-2Festivities continued throughout the night with the awards ceremony and live music. Around 11pm, after the late night carnival crowd had dispersed, a beautiful event began to unfold. From all corners of Gloucester, people gathered around to fill the fair grounds. Saint Peter was again lifted down from the stage and a throng of hundreds lined the square to carry the statue around the Fort. With much cheering and jubilation, Saint Peter and his followers were welcomed throughout the neighborhood. Midway during the route, the procession paused and confetti rained down on all. Rounding the bend, a fabulous fireworks display had been organized for the crowd. Sparkles shot all around, and I stayed close to my friends Nina and Frank as we reveled in the sheer beauty of it all. The fireworks concluded and the procession continued, with the sight of Gloucester’s exquisite port illuminated by the nights’ light.

Arriving at Saint Peter’s Club, another shower of confetti greeted Saint Peter. The statue was carefully removed from the carrying stand and placed back in the window of the Saint Peter’s Club.

Saint Peter's Fiesta  St. Peter's Club ©Kim Smith 2014Good Night Saint Peter, Until Next Year!

Thank you to the beautiful Nina and Frank Groppo and their friends and family for always welcoming me with their open arms. Thank you to the beautiful Giambanco family for welcoming us all to their home for their fabulous Sunday Fiesta Feast and Fun!

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