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Merry Summer Days!

Dear Gardening Friends,

At this time every year readers write in to inquire about the mysterious and startling “furry shrimp” flying in their gardens. Perhaps you have a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth I write back? They are often seen nectaring at our North American native wildflowers bee balm (Monarda didyma) and white flowering summer phlox ‘David’ (Phlox paniculata), as well as the butterfly bushes and Verbena bonariensis.  Scroll down through several posts to see article..

I find August and September are the very best months for butterflies in our region. Only three days into August and this year is not disappointing. And then there is the resplendent light that surrounds here on Cape Ann. Gorgeous, warm, luminous light–I find, too, that August and September are some of the best months for photographing the natural beauty found on Cape Ann.
We had a wonderful turnout at the Sawyer Free Library for my children’s program Butterflies of the World. Not only did we show and tell about the library’s new collection of Neotropic butterflies, but I (very fortunately) had a batch of a dozen or so Black Swallowtail caterpillars, eggs, and chrysalis to share with the children and Moms. I met some fantastic kids–junior naturalists–and parents. Many thanks to Christy Rosso, the Children’s Librarian for all her help!
To Merry Summer Days!
Warmest wishes,

Butterflies of the World at the Sawyer Free Library

Come join me at the Sawyer Free Library on Wednesday, August 3rd, at 10:00, for my children’s program titled Butterflies of the World. We we will be making mobiles and learning about butterflies from around the world, including the new, very special butterfly collection recently given to the Sawyer Free Library.

Butterflies Sawyer Free Library

The butterfly plates were confiscated by the US Fish and Wildlife  Service during a US Customs inspection because the butterflies are believed to be mislabeled. Thus far, that has been my expereience in trying to catalogue the collection. The butterfies that I have identified up to this point are all from the Neotropic ecozone. I imagine that the butterflies from which this collection is comprised were raised in captivity and immediately killed after emerging as they are all in perfect to near perfect condition. Cataloguing all the butterflies is going to be a great project to tackle this winter!

Butterflies Sawyer Free Library

Cape Ann TV Barry O’Brien Special Presentation

Join Cape Ann TV for their annual meeting Tuesday, May 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room. 

A Special Presentation, “Public Access and Democracy: From the Boob Tube to YouTube, A Revolution in Our Time,” gives a glimpse at the evolution of public access television, a form of mass media where ordinary people can create content cablecast through their local cable system.

I am looking forward to attending the Cape Ann TV’s annual meeting and especially looking forward to Barry O’Brien’s (founder of North Shore Communications Group) special presentation. I attended Barry’s lighting workshop last week and it was so worthwhile!! After the workshop he took the time to teach me several sound editing techniques in Soundtrack Pro. Many, many thanks to Barry for his professional advice and generosity!

This week Allen Estes Local Music Seen features Jake Pardee. The shows are taped before a live studio audience and air Wednesday, 5/13 at 6:30pm, Friday 5/20 at 1:30pm, and Sunday 5/22 at 6pm.