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Wishing dear friends and readers Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and a Joy-filled Spring 

Beauty everywhere you turn in these first few weeks of spring – the return of songbirds, shorebirds, and Osprey, blossoming trees, beach bunnies, and garden helpers.

Beach bunny, Piping Plovers courting, neighbor Melissa’s flowering plum tree, Charlotte, Osprey, Killdeer eggs, Piping Plover eggs, Cedar Waxwings courting, and male Eastern Bluebird wing waving

Maine’s Piping Plovers Had Another Record Nesting Season

Thanks to Piping Plover Ambassador Deborah Brown for sharing the following story. Way to go Maine!

For the third consecutive year, Maine saw a record number of nesting piping plovers and fledglings despite greater traffic at some beaches as people looked to get outside during the pandemic.

There were 98 nesting pairs and 199 fledglings at the 25 beaches where the birds are monitored, up from last year’s mark of 89 nesting pairs and 175 fledglings, said Laura Minich Zitske, the plover project director at Maine Audubon, which runs the program for the state. Zitske attributes the banner year to the work of hundreds of volunteers who helped educate the public – such as at Higgins Beach, where there were 40 patrolling, and in Wells, where 40 volunteers helped at three beaches.

“I do think the big year is unrelated to the pandemic. We expected to have a lot of birds back after last year’s record year,” Zitske said. “But we did have a lot of pandemic-related problems. Birds nested right next to paths when the beaches were closed. And some people struggled to follow rules. Some people left common sense behind. You definitely could see that to a degree.”

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I’d like to write Happy Easter and Happy Passover but I think this spring of the coronavirus pandemic is for far too many of us the furthest from happiness that there is. Instead I’d rather think about eggs. Our granddaughter had the best time coloring Easter eggs last weekend (and all the fun made her suddenly love eating hard boiled eggs 🙂 ). It was her little two-year-old self first time and she adored every moment. Imagine children the world over decorating Easter eggs. The egg is a universal symbol of new life, fertility, purity, faith, and hope. We can fight this coronavirus thing with faith and the hope for better days to come (and of course the mandated protocols).

I took some snapshots of eggs from around our home. We don’t have many Easter decorations but the ones we do have I treasure. They include eggs covered in origami paper that we made when the kids were little. A decorated ostrich egg found in a junk store. And a bowl of small speckled stones that I have been collecting from the beach because they remind me of shorebird eggs.

Send us your egg photo tonight and tomorrow and I will post them Easter Sunday night. Any egg photo you like. Thank you. <3

Photos can be added in the comment section or sent to kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com.

Ostrich egg vs chicken egg

Don’t you love the the beautiful ovoid shapes and myriad colors of creature’s eggs?

Love the bits of colorful yarn woven into this Robin’s nest photo taken at Michelle Del Vecchio’s home

Catbird egg

Kildeer eggs

Piping Plover Eggs


Kim Smith Lecture Chelmsford Public Library

Please join me Tuesday evening  at 7pm at the Chelmsford Public Library for my lecture The Pollinator Garden. The event is free and open to the public. I hope to see you there!

Pipevine Swallowtail Eggs ©Kim Smith 2012Pipevine Swallowtail Eggs, East Gloucester