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Rockport versus North Reading

Rockport Vikings (13-2-1). Big game tonight against Manchester. GO VIKINGS!

Photos from the Rockport versus North Reading game Wednesday night.

Rockport Vikings 4, Whittier 0

GO VIKINGS! Another outstanding win by the Rockport Vikings varsity soccer team. Tomorrow the team plays at Ipswich and Friday is a home game against Pentucket. Keep up the great work guys!

The Postman Always Rings Twice: Rockport 2, Lynnfield 1

Mighty, Mighty Vikings – 9 Wins, 0 Losses!!!

The guys were beyond fantastic last night. Despite the constant rain and drizzle, and all the trash talk coming from Lynnfield, the Mighty Vikings remain undefeated. Last night was an important win, assuring the Vikings a place in the state finals. Lynnfield scored a goal in the first half, but the Vikings owned the second half. The Vikings first goal was called offsides, in error. Nerves were raw. Lynnfield’s #7 slugged Rockport’s #14. Alex kept his cool and his teammates helped quell a potential brawl–#7 Lynnfield got a red card,  Alex a yellow card–a fair call by the ref. The game really heated up after that; our guys were determined to win. From our goal line to their net, Goalie Keady kicked the ball hard and straight, a clean shot directly into their net and sweet, sweet revenge, especially after all the trash talk directed towards Keady because he is the league’s #1 player. The Vikings were on a roll; Cam assisted CJ on the next goal, or vice versa, I’m not really sure. The postman always rings twice.


Rockport Soccer: Seven Wins 0 Losses!!!

The mighty Vikings won a hard fought game against the Tritons last night-Rockport 3, Triton 2. I did not bring my camera last night so the following are random shots from several recent games.

Goalie Keady

#10 Shaffy Roelle

#16 Cam Tibert

#21 CJ and #7 Nick

Alex, Tucker, Shaffy, Andrew

Andrew, Tucker, Alex

#28 AJ

#13 Caden Tibert

#12 Connor Douglas

Alex and Keady

Rockport Soccer: Varsity 6 Wins and O Losses!!!

The soccer season is in full swing and the guys are playing really well. GO VIKINGS!.

Last year Rockport was third in the state in their division–defeated only by the team from Weston and a private school that recruits top soccer players from around New England. Who knows if they will attend the state finals this year and if so, how far they will progress. We are just so thrilled that Alex and his team mates are playing so well, working hard, and having a great time doing it all. Thank you Coach Curley!

Soccer Moms Kim Tibert and Krissie Burnham are taking fabulous photos at every game and I will be posting more of their photos and more of my photos of the team as soon as I clear it with Coach. In the meantime–our son Alex Hauck, #14. We are so proud of you Alex! xo Mom

Great height Alex and super photo from Kim Tibert!

Super series of shots from Krissie Burnham!