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Filming B-roll for My Monarch Documentary

Stills from my B-roll. Click images to view larger.

Niles Pond October Sunrise

One of the most gorgeous, interesting, and enjoyable aspects of filmmaking I find is shooting B-roll. I am swamped with design work, organizing lecture programs, and hoping to finish the edits on my Black Swallowtail film very soon, but there is no better time of year to shoot B-roll for my Monarch film than autumn in Gloucester; the light is simply stunning, and what I like to refer to as “atmospheric.”

Niles Pond September Sunrise

B-roll further tells the story in a beautifully subtle, and alternatively not so subtle, manner and gives the project a sense of place. While filming and waiting, for example, for birds to take flight (whether swans or homies) I have my still camera readily available.

Salt Island Sunrise

The most extraordinarily beautiful things occur spontaneously. I feel so very fortunate to see, and in turn share, the natural world through the camera lens.  Only several weeks ago while filming a spider’s web in a tree, capturing the filaments of silky webbing dancing in the light of the setting sun (with the pinky schooner Ardelle and the Dog Bar Breakwater in the background!), the web’s maker came cavorting through the scene, with a capture of her own!

Eastern Point

Congratulations Rockport Vikings!!

GO VIKINGS!! The Rockport Vikings are headed to the Divison 3 North state finals on Sunday, November 14th at 7:00pm at Manning Bowl, Lynn.

Rockport (14-3-1), seeded second in their division, is ready to take on St. Mary’s (8-8-2). Wednesday’s quarter final game against Lynnfield could not have been more hair-raising, with two overtimes and, finally, ending in a best of five shoot-out with Rockport defeating Lynfield 3 to 1!

The Vikings owned Friday’s semi-final game against Weston–with a thorough trouncing–Rockport 2, Weston 0. Congratulation Rockport Soccer Giants!

Going to the semi-finals!!

Vikings Family

Rockport versus North Reading

Rockport Vikings (13-2-1). Big game tonight against Manchester. GO VIKINGS!

Photos from the Rockport versus North Reading game Wednesday night.