Do you know why Thacher Island has not one, but two lighthouses? At about ten minutes into the documentary, local lighthouse historian and president of the Thacher Island Association Paul St. Germain reveals why. Thacher Island’s Twin Lights are featured prominently in the film as are a number of familiar New England lights.

The Last Lightkeepers is filmed beautifully, telling different aspects of the history of lighthouses as well as current status. A quote from author Eric Jay Dolan (Brilliant Beacons) especially resonated, “Lighthouses are there to benefit everyone regardless of where they come from, their race, nationality, their creed, their beliefs. Lighthouses are a manifestation of a government’s desire to make navigation for Everyone safer. In today’s turbulent political times, I especially like to think about lighthouses being a beacon for the world, a welcoming embrace for those that are choosing to come to our country…”

All this school vacation week, the virtual Providence Children’s Film Festival is airing an outstanding collection of wonderfully educational and interesting films for families and kids of all ages. Tickets are only $12.50 per film for the entire family. Or you can do as I did and buy a pass, which allows for viewing all films all week long. Beauty on the Wing is playing through Saturday and I will be part of a Q and A at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. Please vote for BotWing after watching the film. Thank you!

This week only, find The Last Lightkeepers, Beauty on the Wing, and more fabulous films at the virtual Providence Children’s Film Festival

After watching The Last Lightkeepers, I am more inspired than ever that we form a nonprofit organization to restore Gloucester’s crumbling lighthouses. There is a great deal of expertise from which we can draw upon.

THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT! Please write and let me know if you have every thought about how to go abut restoring our lighthouses and if you have an interest in Gloucester’s beautiful, but severely decaying, beacons. What do you think about the name Friends of Gloucester Lighthouses?Director, Filmmaker & Editor Rob Apse

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