One of the most haunting images is dog poop in plastic, found haphazardly discarded in every corner of the City, but nowhere more prominently than at our beaches.

What are we leaving for our children to uncover in fifty years?

These photos were taken on the weekend of March 28th, 2020. For two and a half days, the pile grew larger and larger, greeting everyone as they came on and off the beach. The pile was removed by the DPW on Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “EARTH DAY 1970 – 2020: FREE DOG POOP

  1. Sandy Shaw

    We did a clean up along the road to Conomo
    Point in Essex and found some dog poop in blue bags thrown into the bushes. Hard to understand why anyone would take the trouble to pick it up and then just toss it in the bushes when no one is looking.

    1. Kim Smith

      I don’t understand it either Sandy. So many people do the right thing and I know it’s only small percentage that don’t. It’s just so especially gross when you enter a place and there is an actual pile. I’ve heard dog owners say that they always pick up other folk’s bags that have been left behind, but not that weekend. Every single dog owner walking the beach that weekend walked past the growing pile and it was unmissable.


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