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After a week of planning, organizing, and press conferences, Mayor Sefatia has restored Good Harbor Beach to normal pre-pandemic beach day fun. People were spaced widely and the crowds manageable. Beach Rangers now patrol our busiest beaches. No parking signs have been installed and, based on the few streets I drove down today, the off street parking seemed much as on a usual summer day.

Parking lot attendants and Rangers are now on duty until 8pm nightly at Good Harbor Beach and they are strictly enforcing the new residents only policy, even after hours.

Tonight I spoke with new Beach Ranger Mark when entering the parking lot at GHB at 6pm.  He was considerate and polite and remarked that he thought the scene at GHB was much improved, with people acting much more respectfully.

Because I wasn’t there, I can’t speak to Wingaersheek Beach and State Fort Park, but based on what we saw today at GHB, I can only imagine the improvements are equally as tremendous!

The Mayor, City Council, Administration, DPW, and Gloucester Police have extraordinary issues and problems to deal with during this most extraordinary of times. Thank you to all and especially to Mayor Sefatia for everything she is doing to keep Gloucester citizens safe. 

Good Harbor Beach today at12:30, usually peak beach time

Mayor Sefatia wrote the following on her Facebook page –

Can we please give a BIG shout out first to Bob Ryan who’s been volunteering on the Traffic Commission, for over 40 years. If not for him all of the Streets/Roads/Drives/Ways wouldn’t be Residents Only, also a
BIG shout out to DPW ordering them and putting them up, in a day.
BIG shout out to all my beach attendants and Life Guards, DPW, Police for putting up with everything at beaches and SFP.
BIG shout out to GPD for helping the city stop all the illegal parking, and the craziness.
BIG shout out to my staff especially at City Hall with beach stickers, Kristen Lineberg thank you.
BIG shout out to BOH for working with my office Max Schenk and Karin Staiti Carroll
BIG shout out GFD Cert team.
BIG shout out to Vanessa Armano Krawczyk and Enza Ferrara Taormina Chip Payson/Dana, Joanne Senos, Holly Dougwillo Joe Lucido Mark Cole, Rose LoPiccolo, Michael Borgström Hale Ed Conley Joe Fitzgerald John Dunn for putting up with the #^*%% in the office to get everything in place for this weekend.
BIG shout out to AG Maura Healey to have access to you and your staff in case we are sure legally if things are allowable.
Ann Margaret Ferrante Bruce Tarr for always being there 24/7.. no really 24/7..
BIG shout out for Governor Charlie Baker and Lt Governor Karin Polito for all of your support and “Trusting your Mayors”, in knowing their Cities, Giving us the Guidance to do it right, to be able to protect our citizens.
It took this whole team to make today happen and hopefully tomorrow.
BIG shout out to our newest addition Our Park/Beach Rangers, thank you so much for being part of our team.
A BIG shout out to the citizens of Gloucester who had to endure the craziness last few weeks.
Thank you everyone from the
Mayor and City Council 💖

Channel Five on the scene at GHB


Tonight on WGBH’S “In it Together,” Arun Rath will be interviewing Dogtown Books for a segment on how bookstores are faring during the pandemic. FOLLOW THIS LINK or listen on the radio at 89.7 at 7pm.