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Monarda is the Bees Knees!

Come Join Me for a Tour of the Butterfly Gardens at the HarborWalk

Please come join me on Saturday, July 13th, at 1:00 and at 2:00, for guided tours of the butterfly gardens I designed for the Gloucester HarborWalk. The guided tour is included in the cost of the ticket for the Gloucester Garden Tour. Please feel free to email me with any questions about the butterfly garden tour at the HarborWalk at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com.

One of my favorites, and in bloom now at the Gloucester HarborWalk Gardens, is the stunning North American native wildflower Culver’s Root or Veronicastrum virginicum. The plant typically grows to five feet and, when in flower, creates a lovely, airy candelabrum effect. Culver’s Root prefers full sun and moist well-drained soil. When I was there checking on the gardens several days ago all manner of bees and butterflies were nectaring from the diminutive florets of the spikey racemes of the Veronicastrum.

Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root ©Kim Smith 2013

Veronicastrum virginicum and Cabbage White Butterfly, Gloucester HarborWalk Butterfly Garden

Camellia Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Not to be missed is the Camellia Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, today and tomorrow, February  12th and 13th. I am heading out to Bolyston today to see the exhibit, which will be held in their brand new Limonaia, and in the upcoming weeks will bring you photos and updates about the stunning and distinctive gardens at Tower Hill. On Sunday May 1st I am giving a workshop at Tower Hill on Creating a Butterfly Garden, with more information on registering for the class in a future post.

Camellia Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden