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If you observe a butterfly that looks twice as large as normal fluttering by, take note. What you are seeing is often a pair of butterflies mating.

This afternoon when I returned home that’s just what caught my eye, two Small Whites, also known as Cabbage Whites, joined abdomen to abdomen, looking for a discreet place to stay coupled together for a bit.

The Whites flew from aster clump to aster clump, then to the lilac foliage before finding a hidden spot. A disrupter (male ) tried to break up the match, but the pair would have none of it.Males are mostly white except for the black dots and smudges of gray on the forewings. The females are similar to males, and also have some yellow shading with stronger gray stippling on the underside of their wings.

Save the date for C’est la Vie!

C’est la Vie! ~ Wednesday May 25th, 1:00 to 5:00

The North Shore Garden Club is hosting a beautiful exhibition of all things flowers, which will be held at historic Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The grounds are open to the public and the event includes classes in flower arranging, photography, and horticulture, and all is free.

Butterfly Courtyard at Willowdale EstateButterfly Courtyard at Willowdale Estate

The North Shore Garden Club (established in 1915) is a member of the Garden Club of America and was created for the purpose of stimulating interest in all aspects of gardening as well as to support civic beauty and conservation of natural resources.

Viridiflora Tulip 'Greenland' at Willowdale Estate.Viridiflora Tulip ‘Greenland’

Lavender and Cabbage White Butterfly at Willowdale EstateLavender and Cabbage White Butterfly

Iris versicolor at Willowdale EstateNative Iris versicolor

Pinkshell azalea and carpenter bee at Willowdale EstateNative Pinkshell Azalea and Golden Pollen-Dusted Carpenter Bee

Willowdale EstateSpringtime at Willowdale Estate