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Spectacular Twin Lights Thacher Island Waves

The photos were taken after the storm on Tuesday morning, at dead low tide, standing almost to Salt Island and looking toward Thacher Island. I don’t recall ever seeing such enormous waves at low tide and will stay tuned in the future. Look for the surfer’s head in the waves 🙂

Surf City USA ~ Gloucester, Massachusetts!

Gloucester Surf City ©Kim Smith 2013Gloucester’s Good Harbor Beach Surfers at Daybreak in Autumn

Click images to view larger Gloucester Surf City  -3©Kim Smith 2013.

Gloucester Surf City -4  ©Kim Smith 2013.When at Good Harbor Beach filming at daybreak, I often see the surfers arriving en mass and then departing around 8:30–I imagine heading off to work. What a terrific way to start the work day! For the daily New England surf forecast (dawn patrol), visit New England Surf.

Gloucester Surf City -2 ©Kim Smith 2013.Good Harbor Beach