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Wishing Amelia and Nico all the best in their next adventure. Thank you for a decade of wonderful nights out at your magical cove-side restaurant.

Amelia and Nico write,

“After a decade, we decided to close our beloved Market Restaurant. Although this coincides with the closing of many restaurants due to the pandemic, this was a decision we made some time ago. Our priority right nw is to create a lifestyle more conducive to raising a family.

…We want to thank our Annisquam and Gloucester communities for welcoming us to the neighborhood and embracing us. Thank you for believing in us and letting us take over the The Market. Thank you for the vases of flowers from your garden, bundles of herbs, plots of land to plant vegetable, paintings, letters of support and of course your patronage over the years.

And to all our customers, we couldn’t have returned year after year without your willingness to visit us on a tiny peninsula on a small (almost ) island in a rickety building hanging over the ocean. We are humbled by your support and love.

Thank you all.


Ameilia and Nico”

Note – Amelia and Nico are cooking at Sort and Main for the time being and working out details to launch Market Catering. Gift certificates to the Market will be honored at Short and Main

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