Last spring I picked up a pair of braided Chinese Hibiscus topiaries (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) at Stop and Shop. The foliage was crushed and bedraggled but the shapes were lovely so I took a chance. I sure am happy with my decision! These two five foot beauties throw us big blowsy blooms everyday, at least one, and sometimes five or six at a time.

I went with the straight red for maximum Ruby-throated Hummingbird attracting potential and it has worked like a charm. Mama and the kids never fail to stop at the Hibiscus when making their daily rounds throughout the garden.  As I was walking (more like walk-hobbling) down the garden path, just finishing up photographing Monarchs in the Joe-pye, I was finally able to snap a photo of her at the Hibiscus! And also at our little window feeder, purchased with Charlotte in mind. The RTHummingbirds don’t seem to like this feeder as much as the free hanging feeders. Any movement inside startles them but doesn’t it look like she is peering into the window to see if anyone is home?

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