Good morning friends!

From the over one hundred Cecropia Moth eggs that hatched, only a handful survived. Unfortunately, an earwig ate the caterpillars in their tiny first instar. I keep the tanks on the front porch and even though we use a layer of cheesecloth underneath the screening to help keep pests out, I found an earwig inside the tank.

Because many of the eggs are laid on the side of the tank, there is no safe way to remove and give the eggs away without damaging the eggs.  Next year, if we have a good batch of eggs again, I am going to keep the tanks inside until the caterpillars reach their second instar. At that point I’ll be able to safely give the caterpillars away.

So very sorry to disappoint anyone who was interested in raising these beautiful creatures. Hopefully, the few caterpillars remaining will reach maturity and we’ll try again next year 🙂

Cecropia Moths mating, male left, female right

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