Free Marsh Milkweed Seeds

Available while supplies last!

Plant this,

which will lead to this,

which will give you this!

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring at Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) 

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring at Smooth Aster Fall 2011

5 thoughts on “Free Marsh Milkweed Seeds

  1. Joan Daniels

    Living in Fl. thought all milkweed was good for the monarchs – Not – I’m seeking to replace current crop (leaving some for the many monarchs in the garden) with the “good” seeds – your photos are magnificant and your offer of free seeds magnetic – any left. Thanks much

  2. Bill Gillenwater

    Do you still have any seeds for my newly started flower garden?
    Thanks in advance.
    Bill in Ohio


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