Monarch Butterflies Mating

In organizing my Monarch book proposal to send to a friend, who has a friend who publishes children’s books, I am sorting through my illustrations. This painting was completed at the end of summer last and illustrates a male Monarch (above) and female (below) ascending towards a maple tree during their mating flight. He carries her and together they stay joined, abdomen to abdomen, for several hours–truly a beautiful thing to observe.

Monarch butterflies mating Ascending - Pages 22-23

I lay down on the ground under a neighboring maple tree and sketched while looking up into the canopy. This is what I imagine the leaf net canopy looks like to the Monarchs as they ascend into the trees.


Milkweed is the food plant of the Monarch caterpillars. I often observe females drinking nectar from the milkweed blossoms one moment and the very next, depositing an egg on the underside of a freshly unfurled leaf, near the top of the plant. We observe the greatest numbers of caterpillars on the foliage of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) and  Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata).

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  1. Kathleen Forsythe

    Do you sell your designs? I have a friend who has asked me to design a book cover for her. She’s going to sell her online book on Amazon. She likes this design, but we’d like to delete the female monarch so that there is just one. We could do that in photoshop, but we need your permission to use the image. My friend is anxious to get going on this project. Please reply as quickly as you can.


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