Through the Garden Gate with Kim Smith

Dear Gardening Friends–What do think about this title for my tv show? Through the Garden Gate with Kim Smith

I am working with Lisa Smith over at Cape Ann TV and she is terrific. Lisa is teaching me Final Cut Pro. Extraordinary, don’t you think, that the same editing program used by major Hollywood film makers (Francis Ford Coppola, to name one giant in the industry) is available to any resident of Cape Ann to learn (for free!) at Cape Ann TV?

Additional candidates for the title:

Kim Smith’s American Gardener’s Journal

Welcome to the Wild Garden

Wild Gardening with Kim Smith

P.S. I am under strict orders not to mention by name who is the person singing Bizet’s La Chanson du Fou, uncovered in my itunes account. I am sure you can guess. Don’t you think the evocative layer of warmth and beauty added by her voice compliments perfectly the lush gardens and movement of the pollinators?


5 thoughts on “Through the Garden Gate with Kim Smith

  1. Bettie Cartwright

    Dear Kim:

    I have a friend who has had a garden shop here in Houston for many years (closing shortly) called The Garden Gate. Simple to work with, carries all the conotations needed without adding any you don’t want.

  2. kimsmithdesigns

    Thank you Bettie–your response is so helpful. I agree with you and, for the same reasons, like, Through the Garden Gate. The word through adds movement. I am sure you know Patsy W. from Annisquam–this was here favorite, too, as well as husband Tom and dearest friend Kate. Looking forward to seeing our “snowbird’ friends this summer. xoKim

    1. kimsmithdesigns

      Thank you Patricia–you must be a gardener yourself. I love Welcome to the Wild Garden as well, I am however learning that my more general interest readers are puzzled by the word wild–and don’t understand that it means gardening with wild flowers and native plants.

  3. Bob McGlinchey

    My favorite wild plant is the Mullen Plant because Native Americans had many uses for the plant from medicines to super soft diapers.

    Your piece is cut and filmed very well. I am on my own for now, but I worked at the Gloucester cable access for 13 great years and of all of six edit syst I’ve used Final Cut is the best. The Avid/Mac is close to FCP but the Avid/Microsoft was disappointing.

    Your subtle push ins were nice. I like to rotate slightly about a third the way into the push. This is also done in “motion”. I love playing with stills the sane way.

    Maybe loose the titles for now. Save the rolling title for your epic masterpiece’s credits.

    Another favorite is dip to color in the video effects. I use it to give the eyes a rest when the. Audio rests. I’ll let you find the point. It usually dips to black, sometimes white and any color as well.

    Always use a tripod or a monopod looks like you did in most cases. A monopod offers more degrees of freedom. A steadycsm would be cool to use in the garden – for a light weight camera they cost $100-$400. Don’t know if CATV has one. Big cameras $50k.

    Here’s a link to Coppala in case you haven’t seen it.



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