Loving Our Sons and Daughters

Dear Friends,

A week ago a young man from our neighborhood and a childhood friend of our son’s died in a fatal car accident. Our hearts are breaking for his mom, younger brothers, dad, extended family, and friends.

Within our community and among my children’s circle of friends, this is the third such horrific death of a young man, in as many months.

Hold your sons and daughters. Tell them everyday how much you love them and why. Choose your battles to be few and far between. Try to help them as best and in as many ways as you can to see beyond their immediate teenage travails and anguish. Help them imagine the beautiful adult they will grow to become as they will know in their hearts that they are well- and greatly-loved and well- and greatly-appreciated.

There is nothing more shattering than a vibrant life ended prematurely and nothing more punishing than a life lived longer than that of your child’s.

And know, too, that there is randomness to death, no matter how hard you love your sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters.

In loving memory of my brother Bill

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