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I could listen to Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” everyday of my life


Beautiful Harvest Moonrise-Moonset

harvest-moon-2016-copyright-kim-smithLast night’s Harvest Moon rising was spectacular, especially the striations of clouds in the moonglow. Early this morning the moon was nearly as big and beautiful too, and as I was setting up my gear, Snowy Egrets flew into the setting moon.harvest-moon-set-snowy-egret-copyright-kim-smith

Sleeping Swans at Niles Pond

Sleeping Swans in the Harvest Moon Light ©Kim Smith 2014-1Niles Pond Swans

Sleeping Swans in the Harvest Moon Light ©Kim Smith 2014

*    *    *

The Ukeladies are learning Harvest Moon–I’d forgotten about this beautiful song and the fairly recent video, released by Neil Young in 2012, is so very sweet.