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I know car detailing is not very romantic, but it was something I had been thinking about trying for some time. My wonderfully thoughtful husband, Tom, gave me the gift of a complete auto detailing. I was waiting until beach season was over and recently contacted Ryan Tricks. Our son had heard Tricks Mobile Detailing was top notch and he was 100 percent correct! My car looks amazing, inside and out, better than I could have dreamed.

My Prius is a 2008, with over 200,000 miles on it.  During that entire time, I have used the car for my design business and treated the interior more like a truck bed. When you lay the the rear seat flat, there is room enough for carting around large loads of plants and furniture. Cramming a car full of plants (the record was 220 boxwoods) is what really made a mess and try as we might, over the years, it just began to feel impossible to keep clean. Add one sandy grandchild and friends and it was getting worse by the day. Enter Ryan Tricks. Inside and out, from the front console to the rear lights, and every little nook and cranny in between, the car is fabulously spiffy clean. My Prius feels brand new and I am back to loving driving.

Thank you Tom and Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricks Mobile Detailing is located at 3 Rocky Pasture Road, Gloucester.

Email: tricksdetaiing@gmail.com

Phone: 617-947-2126


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