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I love to cook for my family, our son loves to cook (he did it professionally for about ten years), and my husband actually likes going to the grocery store. Between the three of us, we have lots of wonderfully fun delicious dinners and breakfasts.  Several years ago, as a result of something going wrong with the anesthesia during a routine examination, I lost my sense of taste. It was strange to be able to smell but not taste. Fortunately, the sense of taste returned after six months but it was profoundly disturbing to experience.  I came down with Covid and only three days in, all sense of taste and smell have evaporated. After doing some research on how long to expect the return of these beloved senses, I found this website to be really helpful. How to Regain Sense of Smell and Taste After Covid-19 

I ordered a Netipot and will start using that as soon as it arrives. Losing your sense of taste and smell is not life threatening. I am grateful that so far, I just have a pounding headache, chills, dizziness, and congestion. We are also extremely grateful for vaccines as we know it would be much, much worse without them.

If you have any tips on managing Covid and the after effects, please write, I would love to share them. Thank you!

Shahrzad Elghanayan / NBC News; Getty Images