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Man arrested for allegedly trying to abduct woman at Pavilion Beach

Although I am not suggesting that this case of attempted abduction correlates to the disappearance of Abbie Flynn, it illustrates how easily a woman of any age could be abducted.
Ipswich Local News

John P. Muldoon

March 6, 2020

IPSWICH — A Mattapan man is being held on cash bail after he allegedly tried to force a woman into his car at Pavilion Beach Tuesday.

The woman escaped by pretending a man nearby was her husband, police said.

Police said they arrested the suspect after a 30-minute standoff on Jeffreys Neck Road where they had to smash a car window to haul the man out.Pavilion Beach

The suspect, Anson V. Frazier, 30, of 27 Briarcliff Terrace, Mattapan, was still in custody Friday afternoon on $5,000 cash bail, according to records in Ipswich District Court.

Records said Frazier was charged with:

  • Attempt to commit a crime, to wit kidnapping
  • Resisting arrest, and
  • Assault and battery.

Should he make bail, he will have to wear an electronic monitor, stay away from Ipswich and the victim, not leave the state, remain drug and alcohol free and undergo random screening, and not possess any firearms or dangerous weapons, the court record said.

The incident reportedly happened around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 3, the police complaint on file said.

According to one report written by Officer Ryan Mayer, police were told a man “attempted to grab a woman and pull her into his vehicle.”

Mayer, who arrived first at Pavilion Beach, said he was met by a “distraught” woman, 65, who said she saw a man doing yoga on the beach.

The suspect “approached her and grabbed her right arm with both hands and began forcibly pushing her towards his car saying that he had a dog service that she would be very interested in,” the complaint alleged.

Police said the woman pointed to the vehicle next to her and said the man inside was her husband and they could talk with him about the service.

Mayer said that was a ruse to have Frazier let her go while simultaneously signalling for help.

Frazier “then let go of [the woman] and got in his vehicle and attempted to leave the scene at a high rate of speed,” the complaint alleged.

One man who said he witnessed the alleged abduction attempt told police Frazier “was acting strange on the beach, doing yoga poses near the water and believed he may have been on drugs due to his actions.”

Another witness told police “Frazier went near the water and started performing yoga [and] seemed to be laughing and talking to himself, and pacing around.”

The woman, whose daughter and grandchildren witnessed the alleged incident, “was in fear for her safety and stated that she thought Anton Frazier was there to grab whoever he could get his hands on,” Mayer’s report said.

With a number of witnesses in the area, police were given a license plate and a description, it added.

One man attempted to follow the car while another woman called 911, police said.

On the lookout for a gray Hyundai on his way toward the beach, Officer Daniel Holway saw the car, turned around and pulled the Hyundai over near 37 Jeffreys Neck Road, his report said.

Holway said he approached and asked the driver for license and registration, which was supplied, the report added.

Holway said his plan was to get Frazier’s side of the story while waiting for more information from Mayer and Officer Kelly Phelan, who had joined him at Pavilion.

He said he asked Frazier if he was at the beach. The driver replied that he had completed a delivery to Gloucester.

“But he later told me that he came here from Mattapan to enjoy the weather and meditate on the beach,” Holway said.

Frazier reportedly said “he only approached people and asked them if there were into dog massages and he didn’t touch anyone,” Holway’s complaint said.

Holway said he then heard back from the beach and told Frazier he was under arrest, the report added.

At that point, “he rolled up his window and locked his vehicle doors,” Holway said.

Officer Mark Ruggiero was at the scene at this point and the officers reportedly tried to talk Frazier out of the car for around 30 minutes, Holway said.

At one point, Frazier told police he wanted to get back to work, Holway added.

“Frazier was advised by me several times that his actions were making the circumstances worse and that his actions would result in further criminal charges,” Ruggiero’s report said.

However, Frazier reportedly lowered the driver’s side window a little for a few minutes “to allow limited conversation,” he added.

Although the Hyundai was boxed in, police said the engine was still running, and that presented an unsafe situation.

“After all options were exhausted,” Mayer said police decided to use a special tool to break the passenger side window to pull Frazier from the vehicle.

“This was explained to Anson very clearly at which point, Anson indicated he understood what I was explaining to him and what was about to happen,” Holway said.

After the window was smashed, Holway said he reached in, unlocked the passenger door and two officers reportedly hauled Frazier out, pinned him to the ground and arrested him.

Frazier is due to appear in court again April 8.




GLOUCESTER — When Brian Flynn found out that his sister Abbie was missing, he hopped on the next available flight to the East Coast.

Abbie Flynn, 59, of Gloucester went missing on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, around 4:30 p.m. after she had prepared to host a party at her Saint Louis Avenue home.

Ten days later, the search and investigation into the Gloucester resident’s disappearance is still inconclusive.

“I got the call on the Sunday night that Abbie went missing,” said Brian, who currently lives in Bermuda. “The Mass. State Police sent out a Facebook alert. I was with my son in California and he saw it and drove me right to the airport so I was at the house at 10 a.m.”

He said that Flynn’s family — Brian, his wife Leslie, her three children and husband Rich — were all there Monday morning.

“We just want to get Abbie back,” Brian said Friday. “That is all we care about.”

As the investigation continues, Brian feels that the family has been embraced by the entire city.

READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE: https://www.salemnews.com/news/local_news/we-just-want-abbie-back/article_13709d2e-14f5-585e-bf40-10755d65d71d.html





Since 59-year-old Abbie Flynn went missing on Super Bowl Sunday, people across Cape Ann and further away have been trying to figure out what happened.

People have hypothesized about coyotes, suspicious vehicles, and made connections to drownings and other missing person cases in social media posts and in phone calls to the Times.

The Gloucester Police Department wants to put the public at ease.

“There is no indication, zero at all, no, none that this is connected in any way to any other cases or that foul play was involved,” police Chief Ed Conley told the Times on Thursday.

Conley confirmed that this is based on evidence.

“I have been as clear and transparent as I possibly can,” he said. “If I thought there was some sort of danger to the public, I would err on the side of releasing that information rather than keep it. But there is none.”



The coat Abbie may have been wearing the day she vanished.


This is the coat Abbie was most likely wearing the day she vanished. Reportedly she did not have her camera gear with her.


Abbie Flynn’s high school friend, Katerina Shim Jensen Graham, has created 5,000 missing person posters. They will be distributed by volunteers all around Gloucester in the upcoming days.


Today marks the ninth day that Abbie Flynn went missing. I spoke with Gloucester Police Detective Quinn this morning as he and state police officers were awaiting the arrival of the Harbormaster’s boat. The underwater sonar search is standard under these circumstances and is not being carried out because new information has been discovered or reported. Gloucester detectives waiting for the Harbormaster

How the sonar search works, as explained by GP detectives. The sonar can see  the bottom of the seabed for about thirty to forty feet. The boat will criss cross Brace Cove until the floor of the Cove has been thoroughly scanned. Sometimes rocks or other anomalies get in the way and they return to an area. All the data is recorded on GPS coordinates so that if they have to return with a dive team to investigate, they know just where to go.

The search is coming to an end as of 1pm today. Nothing out of the ordinary has been discovered.

Harbormaster criss crossing Brace Cove with sonar

Our thoughts and prayers are with Abbie and her family and friends. This is an ongoing investigation. Please report any clues or information you may have seen or heard to the Gloucester Police at 978-283-1212.

Thank you to Detective Quinn and to a second Gloucester officer for information provided (so sorry I did not get his name). I want to let our readers know that the Gloucester Police are doing an outstanding job. Last week I met Detective Mizzoni to share information and can only say that in speaking with the detectives, they are leaving no stones unturned. Their compassion is more than apparent and desire to provide transparent information to the public is sincere. Solving the disappearance of Abbie is their utmost priority.


Today marks a full week from when Abbie Flynn was first reported missing by friends at approximately 6pm on Sunday, February 2nd. Friends arrived at her home to attend a Super Bowl get together only to find party preparations underway, but the home empty.

After several days of a massive search, which included a coordinated effort by land, sea, and air, with seemingly no trace nor clues left behind, Eastern Point has resumed its former quietude. Yesterday, Saturday, morning I took a walk around the Point. There were many others out walking in the howling wind. A lone coyote trotted along the berm, a flock of turkeys foraged in their usual locale, the ducks were diving and feeding on pond vegetation, the gulls resting on the half frozen water, and our winter resident juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron was still present. On the face of it  all, everything appears back to normal but in reality, there is a terrible sense of eerie disquietude.

Friends and family are heartsick about Abbie’s disappearance. Please let’s not forget Abbie. If you have any clues or thoughts about her disappearance, please contact the Gloucester PD at 978-283-1212.

Many of us continue to be struck by how similar to Abbie’s disappearance is that of Theresa Cohen’s disappearance. Both seemed to vanish into thin air. According to the Charley Report, Theresa’s case was reported solved just this past week. After two years, that in itself is suspect. If Theresa did take her own life, we truly wish the Rockport Police would reveal how that is known. Our understanding is that only a few of her remains were found at a beach in Chatham, which certainly does not seem evidence enough of suicide. Out of respect for her family, we don’t want to know the details, just how it was determined. Providing transparent information would put a great many Rockport and Gloucester residents mind at ease and end the continuing suspicion and speculation.

Edited note – It has come to my attention that someone has commented that this post is a negative comment on the great work the police have done in investigating the disappearance of Abbie Flynn. Nothing could be further from the truth. I only have the utmost respect for the hard work, concern, and dedication the Gloucester officers and detectives have devoted to solving the mystery of Abbie’s disappearance. There simply remain many unanswered questions. It is my greatest hope that Abbie is found.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Abbie’s family and friends.



This morning I went out at daybreak to walk where fellow photographer Abbie is known to have walked. I didn’t see any search activity and was hoping for the best, but unfortunately she is still missing. As I was leaving Eastern Point at 7:00am, the police began arriving to resume searching.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking at Niles Pond around the time Abbie went missing. At 8:30 this morning I met with Gloucester Detective Mizzoni to report some suspicious activity that I had observed on my walk yesterday. Our citizens should know that the detectives and officers are deeply concerned and doing an outstanding job. If you saw any suspicious activity yesterday afternoon, anything, please report to Detective Mizzoni. The command station is located at Saint Anthony’s chapel parking lot at the corner of Farrington Street and Saint Louis Avenue.

There are a number of search teams combing Eastern Point, with officers and detectives from all around the Boston area including Lexington, Andover, Salem, and Newbury. Thanks to Iain Kerr from Ocean Alliance for lending his drone cameras to the search effort.