Over the weekend while out filming I met a gentleman who was just finishing up an all-nighter of night fishing. He was wearing scuba gear, a night head lamp, and was using a rod and reel. In the foggy distance, i wondered, what new creature is this?

Kevin had landed a Very Large Striped Bass but was trying to revive it to return to the sea. He didn’t mind that I wanted to take a few photos and while I was photographing he explained that all Striped Bass at this size are great breeders, and that you don’t really want to catch one this big.

According to Kevin, Striped Bass come out at night and can be found around rocks, where they like to hunt for small fish. We noticed a tag on the side of the bass. As I was curious, I called the number. It’s the USFWS line for reporting bass. I didn’t make the report as it was Kevin’s fish but I would love to know how old is this huge Mama.

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