Thank you to everyone that joined Mayor Verga’s presentation last night. It was very informative and offered a great way to engage!
We have a CTC meeting tonight at 6:30pm at Surfari. The meeting will be hybrid. Please follow the zoom link if you can not make it in person.


Topic: Clean The Creek

Time: May 25, 2023 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 758 5855 0839

Passcode: 1LTFvb

We are looking for a volunteer to take notes during the meeting. Please let us know if you can do that!
1. Decision making process. We will discuss and vote on the decision making process that can include:
CTC DECISION-MAKING PROCESS….thank you to Courtney Hayes for this outline!
  1. OC proposes and researches key decisions – loops in relevant sub-committee members.
  2. OC and sub-committee members conduct additional research: interview vendors, experts, and impacted stakeholders to map out pros and cons of decisions.
  3. Conduct full member meeting discussion: committee members present in-depth pros and cons of the decision. All attending members then discuss and debate.
  4. Vote: after a thorough review (outlined above), conduct a vote by show of hands.
2. Committee and organizing structure (continuing the decision making process). Describe committees (organizing committee and testing committee etc). See who will volunteer to be the liaison for the committee (take charge of emails for the committee, organizing, and reporting back to the CTC group at large).
3. Discuss mission statement.
4. Discuss next steps based on the results of Part 1 of the agenda….including interpretation of the mayor’s meeting.
6.Discuss potential fiscal sponsorships.
Moving forward, if anyone believes they have gotten sick from swimming in/near the creek please reach out to your doctor instead of posting on social media. That was one thing highly emphasized last night and we want to respect that and follow the city’s lead.
We need to create a structured and organized group and hope to do that through committees, voting, and the policies put in place and/or discussed to potentially put in place this evening.
We also want to emphasize our goal to work with and support the city because we are all stewards of the beach!
As always, this is a community effort and we want to hear from you and have you get involved and take on leadership positions! Your voice matters and it is important to have as many people involved with the “nuts and bolts” as possible.
Rory and Lyndsay

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