A glorious Friday Fiesta overflowing with joyful, smiling Fiesta goers. One attendee sweetly spoke about how during Fiesta, the community of Gloucester comes together like one big family, and we all become Sicilian for a weekend. Viva San Pietro!

With thanks and gratitude to the Fiesta Committee for organizing the 2022 St. Peter’s Fiesta, no small feat after a two year hiatus due to Covid. 

Joseph Novello – President

Michael Linquata – Vice President

Anthony Cusumano – Treasurer

Rose Aiello – Clerk

Christopher Palazzola – Committee Member

Salvatore Ferrara – Committee Member

Ralph Puopolo – Committee Member

Carlo Barbara – Committee Member

Rose Aiello – Committee Member

Alphonse Millefoglie – Committee Member

Lucia Sheehan – Recording Secretary

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