Bluebird courtship is as beautiful as is the bird! Last week my daughter Liv joined me on a film scouting mini adventure. She loves learning about wildlife and living in Southern California as she does, Liv is surrounded by beautiful wild creatures and wild lands. We had a fantastic morning of it. Brant Geese, Piping Plovers, Great Egrets, Tree Swallows, and Eastern Bluebirds were just some of the creatures we observed.

The Eastern Bluebirds were especially stunning in the crisp early morning sunshine. One particular gent had not yet secured his partner’s affections. From tree branches adjacent to nesting boxes, he sang softly and flashed his glorious blue wings to a female that had flown in on the scene.

At first we thought he was preening, but no, the bachelor was clearly enticing his lady friend with lapis lazuli flags, gesturing with quick up and down lifting movements. Called wing-waving, these gestures are part of Eastern Bluebird courtship.

The male first sings loudly from treetops. If a female shows interest, he further shows off his skill sets with wing-waving and soft warbles. He then entices her to join him at a nesting box or cavity, he entering first. After he flies out of the box and if all goes well, she enters the cavity, a sure sign the pair are hitting it off!

Male Eastern Bluebird Wing-waving

The lucky female




  1. Nancy

    These photos and birds are breath taking beautiful! Thank you so much! I learn so much from your blog. It is a joy to open it up every day. I appreciate it!

    1. Kim Smith Post author

      Thank you Nancy for your kind comments. So very much appreciated. I am so in love with Bluebirds, such a joyful sign of spring <3

  2. Debbie

    My pair of bluebirds here at the farm have come back for 5 years as a pair. I have 3 houses and one has a baby inside and they are courting again it is so fun to watch them this time they are in a different box


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