Warm Weather Seedlings!
Starting May 15, our website will feature all the warm weather vegetable, flower and herb seedlings that we’ll be releasing from the green house later that week. This will be your first chance to scroll through the bounty and fill your online shopping cart!

We’ll be assembling everyone’s order during the week, then opening for pre-scheduled pick-ups beginning May 22.

You can schedule your preferred pick-up day when you checkout online. Call us from your mobile when you arrive at the farm on your selected pick-up day, then pop the trunk and we’ll gently place your garden treasure right in for you to take home and plant, no in-person transaction or contact required!

If you have some favorites in mind that you just can’t live without, May 15 will be your opportunity to be first in line to lay claim to that heirloom tomato or special nasturtium that you’ve been dreaming about all winter! So mark your calendar for May 15 to visit our site and get your garden started!

Artichoke Imperial Star
Beets Chiogga
Beets Red Ace
Beets Touchstone Gold
Broccoli Imperial
Broccoli Dicicco
Brussels Sprouts Dagan
Cabbage Faro
Cabbage Omera
Cauliflower Mix
Celery Conquistador
Corn lucious
Cucumber Corinto
Cucumber Diva
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Marketmore 76
Cucumber Northern pickling
Cucumber Tasty Jade
Eggplant Beatrice
Eggplant Clara
Eggplant fairytale
Eggplant Nadia
Eggplant Orient Charm
Eggplant Orient express
Eggplant Patio Baby
Escarole Natacha
Kale Red Russian
Kale Toscano
Kale Winterbor
Kale mix
Lettuce Mix
Melon Cantaloupe Sarahs choice
Melon Milan
Melon Savor
Melon Watermelon Sorbet
Microgreen mix
Pac choi Black Summer
Pac choi Rosie
Pepper Bhut Jolokia Red (Ghost)
Pepper Bolivian Rainbow
Pepper Cajun Bell
Pepper Cheyenne Red Flame
Pepper Crimson Lee
Pepper Garden Salsa **Shishito
Pepper Habenero
Pepper Hatch
Pepper Hot Paper Lantern
Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper Jalepeno
Pepper Joe E Parker/ Highlander
Pepper Padron
Pepper Pasilla Bajio
Pepper Pepperoncini
Pepper Sahuaro
Pepper Serrano Atiplano
Pepper Tai Dragon
Pepper cayenne Red Ember
Pepper Mad Hatter
Pepper Numex Suave Orange
Pepper Poblano Baron
Pepper Ace
Pepper Banana Pepper Goddess
Pepper Carmen
Pepper Cornito Giallo
Pepper Cornito Rosso
Pepper Flavor burs/Sweet Sunrise (Yellow)
Pepper Gourmet(Orange)
Pepper Intruder
Pepper Jimmy Nardello
Pepper Lunchbox orange
Pepper Lunchbox red
Pepper Lunchbox Yellow
Pepper Red Knight
Pepper Round of Hungary
Pepper Shishito Mellow Star
Pumpkin New England pie
Radicchio Indigo
Squash Summer Gooseneck
Squash Summer Multipik
Squash Summer Tempest
Squash Winter Acorn Tip Top
Squash Winter Buttercup Burgess
Squash Winter Delicata
Squash Winter Kabocha Sunshine
Squash Winter Kabocha Winter Sweet
Squash Winter spaghetti
Squash Zucchini Costata Romanesco
Squash Zucchini Dunja
Squash Zucchini Green Machine
Squash Zucchini Zephyr
Swiss Chard Bright lights
Tomatilla Husk Cherry Goldie
Tomatillo Toma Verde
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Arkansas Traveler
Tomato Big Beef
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Black Krim
Tomato Brandywine red
Tomato Carbon
Tomato Celebrity
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Tomato Cosmonaut volkov
Tomato Costoluto Genovese
Tomato First Prize
Tomato German Johnson
Tomato Goliath
Tomato Granedero
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Italian Heirloom
Tomato Jaune Flamme
Tomato Jet Star
Tomato Juliet
Tomato Marbonne
Tomato Mr Stripey (Tigarella)
Tomato New/Early Girl
Tomato Paisano
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Persimmon
Tomato Pink Berekely Tie Dye
Tomato Polish Linguica AKA Big John
Tomato Rosalita
Tomato San Marzano Tiren
Tomato Stripped German
Tomato Sun Peach
Tomato Sungold
Tomato Sweet100/million
Tomato Valencia
Tomato Yellow Pear

Basil Prospero
Basil Amethyst
Basil Cardinal
Basil Compatto
Basil Lemon Mrs Burns
Basil Lettuce Leaf “Tuscany”
Basil Purple Osmin
Basil Spicy Bush
Basil Sweet Genovese
Basil Sweet Thai
Basil Tulsi
Bronze fennel
Catmint (Nepeta mussini)
Chives Garlic
Chives Purly
Common Chamomile
Cutting Celery
Dill Fernleaf
Dill Superdukat
Fennel Bronze
Fennel leaf
Jerusalem Artichoke
Lavender Elegance Purple
Lavender Hidcote Blue
Lavender Provence
Lavender Munstead
Lemon Balm
Lemon Bee Balm/Bergamont
Lemon Grass
Lemon Verbena
Marjoram Compactum
Mint Apple
Mint Chocolate Peppermint
Mint Grapefruit
Mint Mojito
Mint Variagted Pineapple
Okra Jambalya
Oregano Greek
Oregano Hot and spicy
Parsely Italian Flat Leaf
Parsley Forest Green Curly
Roman Chamomile
Rosemary ARP
Rosemary Goriza
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Sage clary
Sage Common
Salad Burnett
Sage Pineapple
Sage Berggarten
Sage tricolor
St Johns Wort
Summer Savory
Sweet Annie
Sweet Marjoram
Tarragon French
Thyme Citrus
Thyme Common
Thyme Doone Valley
Thyme Winter
Thyme White flower creeping
Thyme wooly
Winter Savory
Annual Flowers
Anise Hyssop
Ageratum Blue Horizon
Ageratum Red Flint
Alternanthera Purple Prince
Alyssum Mix
Alyssum Snow Crystals
Amaranthus Early Splendor
Amaranthus Red Tails
Ammi Graceland
Angelonia Angelface Blue
Angelonia Angelface Perfectly pink
Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue
Angelonia serena mix
Angelonia Serenita mix
Argyranthemum Golden Butterfly
Argyranthemum Vanilla Butterfly
Artemesia silver bullet
Asclepias Oscar Showy Milkweed
Aster King Mix
Bacopa Snowstorm Giant Snowflake
Bacopa snowstorm Glacier blue
Begonia Bossa Nova Pure White
Begonia Ontop sunset shades
Begonia Bossa nova yellow
Begonia Dragon Wing Red
Begonia Funky Pink
Begonia Gryphon
Begonia Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Illumination Lemon
Begonia Illumination Salmon Pink
Begonia Non stop Rose Petticoat
Begonia Pegasus
Begonia Surefire Red
Bidens Goldielocks rocks
Bidensbeezar! Fire wheel
Browalia endless flirtation
Browalia endless Illumination
Calendula Dawn Series Apricot
Calendula flashback mix
Calendula lady godiva yellow
Calendula Orange King
Calendula Princess mix
Calendula Snow Princess
Calibrachoa superbells Black currant punch
Calibrachoa superbells Blue Moon Punch
Calibrachoa superbells Double Amber
Calibrachoa superbells Double Orchid
Calibrachoa superbells dreamsicle
Calibrachoa superbells miss lilac
calibrachoa superbells morning star
Calibrachoa superbells Over Easy
calibrachoa superbells Rising star
Calibrachoa superbells Strawberry punch
Calibrachoa superbells tabletop blue
Calibrachoa superbells Tropical Sunrise
Calibrachoa superbells Watermelon punch
Calibrachoa Superbells White
Calibrachoa Superbells Yellow Chiffon
Calibrachoas Superbells Blue Moon Punch
California poppy champagne and roses
California poppy double solar flare
California Poppy Appleblossom Blush
Canna toucan coral
Canna toucan scarlet
Carex Grassful grasses Toffee Twist
Cassia Popcorn
Celosia Arrabona Eternity Improved
Celosia Chief Gold (BRAIN)
Celosia Cramer series burgundy + mix
Celosia Fresh Look Gold
Celosia New Look red
Celosia Ruby Parfait
Celosia Twisted Orange
Chlorophytum Spider Plant
Clematis Belle of Taranaki
Clematis Erik Ruth
Clematis Harmony
Cleome Helen Campbell
Cleome Queen Mauve
Cleome Queen Violet
Cleome Sparkler mix
Coleus Neptunes Net
Coleus colorblaze alligator tears
Coleus colorblaze dipt in wine
Coleus colorblaze Torchlight
Coleus colorblaze wicked witch
Coleus colorblaze Rediculous
Coleus fishnet stockings
Coleus Maine street rodeo drive
Coleus Partytime Reggae Salmon
Colocasia Royal Hawaian Black coral
Colocasia Royal Hawaian Blue
Cordyline Red Sensation
Cosmos Bright lights
Cosmos Diablo
Cosmos Double click Mix
Cosmos psyche mix
Cosmos Rubenza
Cosmos Sea shells
Cosmos Sensation Mix
Cosmos Versallies Mix
Cuphea Fairy Dust Pink
Cuphea Vermillionair
Cynoglossum Chinese Forget-me-not
Cyperus prince tut
Dahlia Dalina Grande Cancun
Dahlia Dalina Grande Castillo
Dahlia Dalina Grande Tequila
Dianthus Chabaud Benigna
Dianthus Pink Jolt
Dianthus Sweet Purple
Dichondra EMERALD falls
Dichondra Silver falls
Dracnae spikes
Eryngium Blue Glitter
Eucalyptus Silver Drop
Euphorbia Diamond frost
Evolvulus Blue my mind
Fuschia Dark eyes
Fuschia Shadow dancers marcia
Fuschia Swingtime
Gaillardia Heat it up Scarlet
Gaura Karalee petite pink
Gaura Stratoshpere Pink Picotee
Gazinia Tiger Mix
Geranium Americana Dark Red
Geranium Americana Rose ice
Geranium attar of roses
Geranium Calliente White
Geranium Caliope Dark Red
Geranium Calliope Lg Lav Splash
Geranium Calliope LG SALMON
Geranium Calliope Medium White
Geranium Callope Medium Burgundy
Geranium Moxie hot pink
Geranium orange fizz
Geranium Americana Rose mega splash
Gerbera Festival Mix
Gerbera floriline midi dk eye Yellow
Gerbera Revolution yellow dk center
Gomphrena Fireworks
Gomphrena QIS Formula mix
Gomphrena Strawberry fields
Helichrysum petite Licorice
Hollyhock Brave heart
Hollyhock Mystic Merlin
Hyacinth Bean
Hypoestes Hippo pink
Hypoestes Hippo Rose
Hypoetses hippo whte
Impatients Infinity NG Sonic red
Impatients NG blushing crimson
Impatients NG sonic Orange
Impatients NG Sunstanding apollo lilac
Impatients Rockapulco orange
Impatients Rockapulco Rose
Impatients Silohette Appleblossom
Ipomoea Backie
Ipomoea Illusion Garnett Lace
Ipomoea Marguerite
Ipomoea Tricolor
Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise
Lantana Lucious Bananarama
Lantana Lucious Marmalade
Lantana Lucious berry blend I
Lantana Lucious Lemonade
Lantana Lucious pinkberry blend
Lantana Samantha
Lantana Lucious Goldengate
Lobelia fountain crimson
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue
Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue
Lobelia Riviera Marine Blue
Marigold Bonanza Bolero
Marigold Bonanza Mix
Marigold bonanza orange
Marigold Disco Marietta
Marigold Disco Mix
Marigold Eskimo
Marigold Giant Yellow
Marigold Lemon Gem
Marigold Mexican Mint
Marigold Queen Sofia
Marigold Red Gem
Marigold Zenith Golden Yellow
Marigold Giant Orange
Mezoo Trailing red
Nasturtium Alaska
Nasturtium Bloody mary
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Kaleidescope Mix
Nasturtium Trailing Mix
Nasturtium Wbird Cherry Rose
Nasturtium Wbird Golden Yellow
Nasturtium Wbird Mahogany Red
Nasturtium Wina
Nemesia Arromance
Nemesia Bluebird
Nemesia Sunsatia bLood ornage
Nemesia Sunsatia cranberry red
Nemesia Sunsatia lemon
Nicotiana Only the lonely
Nicotiana perfume mx
Nigella Black pod
Nigella Delft Blue
Osteospermum Asti Purple bi color
Osteospermum Bright Lighs Double moonglow
Osteospermum bright lights berry rose
Osteospermum Bright Lights dbl yellow
Osteospermum Bright lights Purple
Osteospermum zion copper amethyst
Penisetum Fireworks
Pentas sunstar lavendar
Pentas sunstar red
Petunia Alladin
Petunia Celebrity Carmine
Petunia Damask White
Petunia Explorer Blue
Petunia potunia blueberry muffin
Petunia prism Sunshine
Petunia Sky Blue
Petunia White
Portulaca sundial Fuchsia
Portulaca sundial Gold
Portulaca sundial Mango
Portulaca sundial Peppermint
Portulaca sundial scarlet
Salpiglossis Black Trumpets
Salpiglossis Kew Blue
Salpiglossis Purple Bi color
Salpiglossis Royal Series Yellow
Salvia Big Blue
Salvia Evolution violet
Salvia Fizz Cream
Salvia Fizz Peach
Salvia Maestro (red)
Salvia Rocking Fuchsia
Salvia Rocking Playing the Blues
Scaevola Whirlwind Blue
Scaevola Whirlwind pink
Scarlett Runner bean
Sedum Lemon Coral
Statice Mix (Blue, White, Apricot)
Strawflower mix
Sunflower autumn beatuy
sunflower Florenza
Sunflower Pro Cut Orange
Sunflower sonja
sunflower Soraya
Sunflower sunrich gold
supertunia bordeax
Supertunia daybreak charm
supertunia Honey
Supertunia Latte
Supertunia Mulberry charm
Supertunia Pricilla
Supertunia trailing blue veined
Supertunia Vista Silverberry
Tithonia Torch
Torenia Glided grape
Torenia Midnight Blue
Tradescantia Wandering Jew
Verbena Bonariensis
Verbena superbena Royal Chambray
Verbena superbena Royal Ice Cherry
Verbena superbena Royal Peachie Keen
Verbena superbena Sparkling Amethyst
Verbena superbena Stormburst
Verbena Superbena Whiteout
Verbena superbenadark blue
Vine Morning glory Cardinal climber
Vine Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
Vine Morning Glory Mini bar rose
Vine Morning Glory Moonflower
Vine Morning Glory President Tyler
Zinnia BG orange
Zinnia BG purple
Zinnia BG Salmon Rose
Zinnia BG White
Zinnia Cut & Come
Zinnia Dreamland Coral
Zinnia Dreamland Mix
Zinnia Profusion Apricot
Zinnia Profusion Cherry
Zinnia Profusion Fire
Zinnia Profusion Lemon
Zinnia Profusion White
Zinnia Queen Lime Orange
Zinnia Queen Lime w/ Blush
Zinnia Queen Red Lime
Zinnia State fair mix
Zinnia Uproar Rose

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