It’s been approximately six weeks since we were asked to social distance. Tragically, the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are still high in Massachusetts. Yet despite that, I think social distancing is still our best weapon against Coronavirus and that the epidemic would be much worse, unfathomably worse, if we were not.

Don’t you think the word physical distancing  more accurately portrays what we are doing? Gratefully, we are are still able to communicate with our friends and loved ones. The people working on the front lines are so much more deeply affected than we who are quarantined safely at home. I don’t only worry constantly about my friends who are nurses and midwives, but am also terrified something will happen to my Mom and Aunt who both live in Florida, terrified because I am not sure how I would be able to hep them if either were struck. And, hardest of all, our daughter is on the west coast.

I think of our predicament more in terms of physical distancing  and try to focus on the better aspects of the pandemic (if there is such a thing). For one thing, the country is virtually united in the fight. Nationwide polls show that eighty-five to ninety percent of all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, believe physical distancing and testing are our best defense against this terrible, terrible disease.

Today , as in practically every other day of the pandemic, I am organizing thousands of hours of footage. Every single film clip from years of ongoing projects do not speak to my new computer program. I don’t really mind though because it is providing the opportunity to also pick out the best clips for the Saint Joseph, Piping Plover, and Saint Peter film projects. One at time they have to be converted  however, I can do the conversions while simultaneously taking care of our granddaughter and working on Monarch film distribution avenues. Today with Charlotte we are planning to build a super duper deluxe Fort, paint pictures of Plovers and cupcakes (her favorite), draw with my fancy Prismacolor pencils (also her favorite), read a mountain of story books, and make cupcakes. Hopefully, that will take us to nap time <3

What are doing today? Please write and let us know. Thank you!

Stay safe and take care. xo

Liv and Charlotte Brace Cove

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