Author Barbara Boudreau writes,
“The sequel to The Frenchman is finally done! A fun read and support for a local institution in one purchase.”
Death of the Frenchman
by B. B. Boudreau
Jean LaChance and Lilly Parsons have escaped detective Guy Santino to an idyllic life with the children on a distant tropical island. But a vicious hurricane destroys their home and livelihood, and LaChance resolves to return to the States and collect the cash he has secreted away to rebuild their lives. Though the errand should be a simple one, LaChance is unaware that the retired Santino is still trailing him with fierce determination, preparing a trap to put the thief away for good. While Lilly and the kids wait in agony for his return, LaChance jeopardizes his newfound life with the risky mission.
All proceeds of the sale of Death in both paperback and Kindle format, and all three formats of The Frenchman will go to the Gloucester Writers Center in Gloucester, MA during the extent of the Corona virus epidemic. As a writer, I may not have published a novel, let alone two without the soul of a writer’s center occupied by such a strong creative presence of its former owner and poet laureate Vincent Ferrini. I am deeply indebted to our writer’s group The Finish Line members, together since 2011, who provided encouragement, review, and the sometimes necessary pep talk that all writers need to keep putting words to the page.

With your purchase, you are helping to support a piece of Gloucester history, a haven for artists of all mediums to gather and embrace the distinctly human attribute of artistic creation.

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