This beautiful lady in the pick-your-own peony patch.

Cedar Rock Gardens, the fabulous organic and homegrown nursery owned by Elise Jilson and Tucker Smith, is opening on Thursday April 19th. They will be open everyday. See below for hours of operation and the complete selection of flower, vegetable, and herb seedlings that will be available to purchase this spring. Cedar Rock Gardens is located at 290 Concord Street in West Gloucester, just minutes off of Route 133.

A small sampling of just some of the flowers and veggies you will find at Cedar Rock Gardens, and a reminder that spring truly will be here soon.

For more information, check out Cedar Rock Garden website here.



Growing during the 2018 season

Ageratum Tall Blue Planet
Alyssum purple/ lavender mix
Alyssum Snow Crystals
Alyssum wonderland mix
Begonia Ambassodor Mix
Begonia Dragon Wing Red
Begonia Illumination apricot
Begonia Mistral Orange
Begonia Netja Dark
Begonia non stop green leaf deep rose
Begonia non stop green leaf deep sal
Begonia non stop green leaf orange
Begonia non stop green leaf white
Begonia non stop Joy Yellow
Begonia Solenia Red
Browalia endless flirtation
Browalia endless Illumination
Browalia endless sensation
Calendula Alpha
Calendula Princess mix
Calibrachoa KAbloom blue deep
Calibrachoa KAbloom pink deep
Calibrachoa superbells grape punch
Calibrachoa superbells spicy
California poppy double solar flare
California poppy orange king
celosia Arrabona
Celosia castle pink
Centaura Blue boy
Cleome Queen mix
Cleome Sparkler mix
Coleus Wizard mix
Cosmos Bright lights
Cosmos Double click mix
Cosmos psyche mix
Cosmos Sea shells
Cosmos Sensation Mix
Dianthus Ideal Mix
Dianthus Sweet William Chabaud Picotee
Dianthus Volcano Mix
Dusty Miller Silver dust
Euphorbia Diamond delight
Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Fuchsia Swing Time
Geranium Am DarkRed
Geranium AM Pink
Geranium AM Violet
Gernaium calliope dark red
Gernaium calliope lavendar rose
Gomphrena Fireworks
Gomphrena Strawberry fields
Helichrysum White Licorice
Impatients Premium Accent Pastel Mix
Ipomoea Margarita
Lantana Bananarama
Lantana Bandana Lemon Zest
Lantana Bandana Pink
Lantana Lucious  Marmalade
Lantana Lucious berry blend
Lantana Lucious citrus blend
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue
Lobelia Riveria White
Lobelia Riviera Marine Blue
Lobelia Riviera Mix
Marigold Bonanza Bolero
Marigold Bonanza Mix
Marigold Bonanza Yellow
Marigold Disco Marietta
Marigold Disco Mix
Marigold Lemon Gem
Marigold Snowball Hybrid
Mariold Giant Orange
Nasturtium Alaska
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Kaleidescope Mix
Nasturtium Wbird Cherry Rose
Nasturtium Wbird Golden Yellow
Nasturtium Wbird Mahogany Red
Nicotiana Only the lonely
Nicotiana Perfume Mix
Osteospermum Asti Purple
Osteospermum Asti Purple bi color
Osteospermum Asti whte
Osteospermum Lemon Symphony
Osteospermum Orange Symphony
Pansy Cool Wave Blueberry swirl
Pansy cool wave frost
Pansy Delta  Pure orange
Pansy Delta Blaze mix
Pansy Delta clear blue
Pansy Delta clear yellow
Pansy Delta deep orange
Pansy Delta premium violet – pure
Pansy Delta premium violet – white face
Pansy Delta premium yellow w/ purple
Pansy Delta Tri color mix
Petunia prism Sunshine
Petunia salmon vein
Petunia Sky Blue
Petubia Aladdin Red
Petunia White
Phlox Scarlet
Portulaca sundial Fuchsia
Portulaca sundial Gold
Portulaca sundial Mango
Portulaca sundial Peppermint
Portulaca sundial scarlet
Salvia Coral Nymph
Salvia Evolution violet
Salvia homium rose
Salvia plain the blues
Salvia Rhea
Salvia victoria blue
Snapdragon Madamme Butterfly
Snapdragon Potomac Appleblossom
Snapdragon Potomac Custom Mix
Snapdragon Potomac Lavendar
Snapdragon Potomac Orange
Snapdragon Rocket Mix
Sunflower Firecracker
Sunflower Florenza
Sunflower Soraya
Sunpatients vigorous majenta
Sunpatients vigorous orange
sunpatients vigorous white improved
Sunset Ornamental Kale
supertunia bordeax
Supertunia rasberry blast
Supertunia royal Magenta
Supertunia royal velvet
Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Supertunia Vista Fushia
Supertunia Vista Silverberry
Sutera (Bacopa) Giant snowflake
Sweet Pea Elegance deep red
Sweet Pea Elegance pink diana
Sweet pea painted lady   pink.white
Sweet pea royal mix
Verbena Bonariensis
Verbena Lanai twister piink
Verbena superbena Burgandy
Verbena superbena Lilac blue
Verbena superbena royal whitecap
Vine MG Cardinal climber
Vine MG Heavenly Blue
Vine MG Moonflower
Vine MG President Tyler
Viola Orange Jump up
Viola Perfection Blue
Viola Purple jump up
Viola yellow frost
Zinnia BG Carmine Rose
Zinnia BG orange
Zinnia BG Salmon Rose
Zinnia BG White
Zinnia BG wine
Zinnia Cut & Come
Zinnia Dreamland  Coral
Zinnia Dreamland  rose
Zinnia Dreamland mix
Zinnia Profusion Coral Pink
Zinnia Profusion Orange
Zinnia Profusion White
Zinnia Profusion Yellow
Zinnia State fair mix
Zinnia Uproar Rose​


Artichoke Imerial Star
Beets Chiogga
Beets Red Ace
Beets Touchstone Gold
Broccoli arcadia
Broccoli Gypsy
Brussels Sprout
Brussels Sprouts Gustus
Cabbage Faro 1
Cabbage Mix
Cabbage Napa (minuet)
Cabbage Red Express
Cauliflower Purple of sicily
Cauliflower Snow Crown
Celery Tango green
Collards tiger
Corn double standard or lucious
Cucumber Diva
Cucumber fanfare
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Marketmore 76
Cucumber Northern pickling
Cucumber Tasty Jade
Eggplant Beatrice
Eggplant Clara
Eggplant fairytale
Eggplant Nada
Eggplant Orient Charm
Eggplant orient express
Escarole Natacha
Fennel Fino
Greens  Our mix
Kale Beira (Portuguese)
Kale Red Russian
Kale Toscano
Kale Winterbor’
Leeks King Richard
Melon Cantaloupe Sarah’s choice
Melon Halona
Melon Watermelon Sugar Baby
Onion Cabrenet
Onion Cipollini Gold coin
Onion Cipollini Red marble
Onion Eilsa Craig
Onion New Yrok Early
Onion Patterson
Onion Redwing
Onion Sierra Blanca
Onion Tropea
pac choi mixed paks
Pac choi red
Pac choi shuko
Pepper H Bolivian Rainbow
Pepper H Cajun Bell
Pepper H Cheyenne
Pepper H Crimson Lee
Pepper H Garden Salsa **Shishito
Pepper H Habenero
Pepper H Hatch
Pepper H Hot Paper Lantern
Pepper H Jalapeno
Pepper H Joe E Parker
Pepper H Joe’s Long cayenne
Pepper H Padron
Pepper H Pasilla Bajio
Pepper H Pepperoncini
Pepper H Sahuaro
Pepper H Serrano del sol
Pepper M Poblano
Pepper S Ace
Pepper S Carmen
Pepper S Escamillo
Pepper S Flavor burst (Yellow)
Pepper S Giant Marconi
Pepper S Gourmet (Orange)
Pepper S Intruder
Pepper S Lipstick
Pepper S Lunchbox orange
Pepper S Lunchbox red
Pepper S Lunchbox Yellow
Pepper S Red Knight
Pepper S Shishito Mellow Star
Polish Linguica AKA Big John
Pumkin New England pie
Pumkin Racer
Radicchio Indigo
Sarah’s Choice
Shallots Camelot
Squash Winter Acorn Jet
Squash Winter Buttercup Burgess
Squash Winter Butternut Waltham
Squash Winter Delicata
Squash Winter Kabocha Easern rise
Squash Winter Kabocha Sunshine
Squash Winter spaghetti
Squash Summer Multipik
Squash Summer Sunburst
Squash Zucchini Alexandria
Squash Zucchini Bush Baby
Squash Zucchini cocoselle
Squash Zucchini Costata Romanesco
Squash Zucchini Spinless Perfection
Swiss Chard Bright lights
Tomatilla Husk Cherry
Tomatillo Toma Verde
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Big Beef
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Brandywine red
Tomato Carbon
Tomato Carmello
Tomato Celebrity
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Tomato Cosmonaut volkov
Tomato Costoluto Genovese
Tomato Estiva
Tomato First Prize
Tomato German Johnson
Tomato Glacier
Tomato Goliath
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Italian Heirloom
Tomato Jaune Flamme
Tomato Jet Star
Tomato Juliet
Tomato Mr Stripey (Tigarella)
Tomato New/Early Girl
Tomato Paisano  small roma
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Persimmon
Tomato Pink Beauty
Tomato Rosalita
Tomato San Marzano Gigante
Tomato Sioux
Tomato Stripped German
Tomato Sungold
Tomato Sweet oilve
Tomato Sweet100/million
Tomato Yellow PearHerbs
Anise hyssop
Asclepias Tuberosa
Basil Compatto
Basil Genovese
Basil Lemon Mrs Burns
Basil Lettuce Leaf
Basil Mixed paks
Basil Purple Osmin
Basil Spicy Bush
Basil sweet genovese (perfume)
Basil Sweet Thai
Basil Kapoor Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Blue Catmint
Persian Catmint
Bronze fennel
Catmint (Nepeta mussini)
Chives Garlic
Chives Purly
Common Chamomile
Cutting Celery
Dill Fernleaf
Dill Superdukat
Lemon Balm
Lemon Bee Balm
Mintleaf bee balm
Parsley Forest Green Curly
Parsley Italian Survivor
Roman Chamomile
Rosemary Perfect Skewer
Rosemary Rex
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Sage Pinapple
Salad Burnett
Scarlet Bee balm
Summer Savory
Sweet Marjoram
Tarragon French de Francasie
Thyme English Winter
Thyme Garden  ( Winter)
Thyme Lemon twist
Thyme White Creeping
​Thyme red creeping
Winter Savory
Zino Fino Fennel


Black Earth Compost
Coast of Maine Potting Soil
Pelletized Lime
Pro Grow 5 3 4
Neptunes Harvest Crab Shell
Neptunes Harvest Fish & Seaweed
PH Soil tester
Tomato Cones
Assorted Varieties Johnnys Selected Seeds

Hours of Operation:

​Monday 8 AM – 5PM
Tuesday 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 6 PM

Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM
Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM
Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM


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