Super Moon, Howling Coyotes, Flying Swan, Songbirds Going Crazy, and Beautiful Brace Cove Daybreak

rocky-neck-smith-cove-daybreak-copyright-kim-smithLast Tuesday was a photographer’s magical dream morning. After photographing and filming December’s “Long Night’s Moon” descending over the Gloucester city skyline, I turned toward the east to see a peaceful daybreak scene over Rocky Neck. Perhaps the sun hadn’t fully risen I thought and hurried to Brace Cove. The sun had rose behind Brace Rock with just enough clouds that it was still pretty, not blasted out by too much light.

I then walked along the edge of Niles Pond, meeting up with Mr. Swan who was occupied with his morning swim, which often indicates he is readying to take flight. He did, and with movie camera in hand, he circled the Pond before landing at Brace Cove, near the breakwater.

Eerily, the coyotes were howling in the distance, actually howling, like wolves, and for quite a long while. I often hear their meet-and-greet yipping and socializing barks that they make shortly after sunset, and too the terrible sound they make when killing a creature, but I have never heard them howling in the morning. I wonder if it had something to do with the full moon? Do our readers hear coyotes howling regularly?

tufted-titmouse-copyright-kim-smithTufted Titmouse

Further along the Pond walk there was a large flock of American Robins and they, along with a lively group of Blue Jays, Tufted Titmice, Song Sparrows, White-throated Sparrows, and Cardinals were hungrily eating every berry in sight, so much so that when I returned to the same spot a few days later, there wasn’t a berry or fruit to be seen. A magical morning at a magical place we’re fortunate to call home.

full-cold-moon-frosty-moon-december-2016-gloucester-ma-city-skyline-1-copyright-kim-smithDecember Long Night’s Moon

2 thoughts on “Super Moon, Howling Coyotes, Flying Swan, Songbirds Going Crazy, and Beautiful Brace Cove Daybreak

  1. Bettie Cartwright

    Dear Kim:
    As I seem to do in the winters when I’m away from Annisquam, I’m thrilled by your posts. You are such an evolved and passionate photographer. Colin and I followed your work since you all were with your little (!) children at AVC and Olivia was in her early years with Kathleen. The last time I saw her was at John Perry’s big birthday party. I do yearn for that Massachusetts landscape (and the politics) when I’m in Houston. I myself am a “craniac,” wh someone who is nuts about the Whooping Cranes who will be visiting us soon.

    Happy New Year the you and Mr. Satan (from Damn Yankees), Bettie Cartwright

  2. Kim Smith

    Thank you Bettie for your comments, so very much appreciated. Yes I remember, and will never forget how sweet it was of Colin to come and photograph the play that she wrote and the kids in the neighborhood performed, with a guest performance by Kathleen 🙂

    It’s beautiful today, a dusting of snow this morning, and yes it’s a relief living in blue Massachusetts. I just pray he doesn’t start a war, trash the environment, defund Planned Parenthood, and …, the list goes on and on. I’ve never seen Whooping Cranes, but they look so magnificent in photos. What a beauty treat for you. Very best wishes and Happy New Year to you!


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