SIX Black Swallowtail Pupae on One Fennel Plant!

One pupated last night and now their are a total of six chrysalides–five in the green form and one brown form.

To air on public television I need to lengthen slightly my Black Swallowtail film. My deepest thanks and appreciation to Kate Young and Wolf Hill Garden Center, who have been keeping me supplied in Black Swallowtails in every form, from eggs to chrysalides, for several months now! My film is going to be all the better for it and I am just so deeply appreciative of Kate’s and Wolf Hill’s interest and generosity.

2 thoughts on “SIX Black Swallowtail Pupae on One Fennel Plant!

  1. Jennifer Carter

    I had 12 on my fennel plant. I was able to bring 7 in to my 10 gallon tank and all 7 made chrysalis’. Only one of the chrysalis is green, the rest are brown in color. 3 have hatched so far and they are beautiful!!


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