Looking for a Black Swallowtail Chrysalis

I am looking for a Black Swallowtail chrysalis to film. The last generation of the previous summer’s black swallowtail caterpillars spends the winter in their chrysalis form. Often times the winter chrysalis is a woody brown, not green. The late season caterpillar may pupate under the eaves of a house, along a porch or deck rail, or on a fence. I am hoping that amongst all my many readers, someone has a brown Black Swallowtail chrysalis in their garden.

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, green form

There are several distributors from where butterfly and moth chrysalis may be purchased, but I would prefer to film a Cape Ann specimen in its natural habitat (or at least a Black Swallowtail chyrsalis from the New England area). Please let me know if you think you have the brown form of the Black Swallowtail chrysalis. THANK YOU!!!

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, brown form–image courtesy Google image search

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Black Swallowtail Chrysalis

  1. blair

    me and my mom found a black swallowtail chrysalis … we have had it since it was a caterpillar… and we thought it was dead until we saw on your site that its just a different kind… i think its almost time for it to hatch.

    1. Kristina

      I believe I have a black swallowtail chrysalis, however I am not sure and would love to send a photo of you would be able to confirm.

      Thank you!

  2. Holly Lovell

    I have a swallow tail chrysalis that was a caterpillar on Friday and turned into a green chrysalis late Friday afternoon. Then on Monday when I returned to school he was a brown chrysalis. Should I do anything to insure he eventually becomes a butterfly?

    1. Kim Smith

      Hello Holly,

      Your comment got lost in a shuffle of emails.

      I hope your swallowtail chrysalis is doing well. I keep ours in a very cool, but protected spot, the cellar bulkhead, in a terrarium. Once the weather warms, I will look for signs of the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

  3. Bruce

    Hello I don’t know if u have got the swallowtail chrysalis but I have it I Capture it like a week ago and I wasn’t sure if it was dead or not cause it went in to it’s cocoon and it started looking exactly just like the second picture you have on here like wood and I wasn’t sure if it was or live or not so I’ve been online searching and I found you but I see u put this up 8 years ago so if u are still there email me so I can learn more if you don’t mind.


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