To members and non-members alike, Cape Ann TV is offering two free workshops during the month of November.  Membership at CATV is only $20.00 annually. What membership today costs 20.00???? My membership has proven invaluable. I highly recommend becoming a member of CATV for anyone interested in improving their video communication skills, for example and including, editing, audio, production—you name it—and the knowledgeable and wonderfully helpful staff at CATV will help you achieve your goals.

The workshops are taught by Barry O’Brien of North Shore Communications Group and Andrew Love, Cape Ann TV Production Coordinator.

“Secrets of Recording Professional Audio” When: Thursday November 10th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Where: Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center Questions: 978-281-2443 or email Andrew Love at

“Keyframing in Final Cut Pro” When: Tuesday November 15th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Where: Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center Questions: 978-281-2443 or email Andrew Love at

Workshop descriptions from Andrew; read more:

Audio is a very important part of any program, it can also be the most challenging aspect to master. In public access and especially here at Cape Ann TV, most of our programs are recorded out in the field where numerous obstacles can turn an enjoyable and professional shoot into a disappointment. What should you do if your microphone fails? How do you handle a two person interview when one speaker is much louder than the other? What microphone should you use to avoid picking up the sound of an air conditioner or noisy piece of equipment? Do you really have to run XLR cables all the way across a large room? Is it safe to put a wireless microphone on someone with a pacemaker? What microphones should I be asking Andrew and Lisa for?  Anyone who has ever spent hours in an editing room trying to “fix” their audio, anyone who has ever listened to their program and thought, “It did not sound like this live” or anyone who is interested in working with audio on a profession level should take advantage of this opportunity. Between Barry and myself, we have faced every audio challenge imaginable from the common to the exotic. Please come join us for this workshop so that we can help take your recordings to the next level.

The second workshop we will be offering will focus on keyframing in Final Cut Pro. For those who are unfamiliar with keyframing, it is a technic that allows you to control and adjust your audio, video, titles and special effects accurately all the way down to a frame (30th of a second). Once you have mastered keyframing, many doors will open for you in the editing room. Enrich your audio with music, Foley and ambient sounds. Animate your text. Control the color and tone of your video for artistic effect. Create realistic explosions, flames, etc. This workshop is a must for anyone who looks at editing as an art form and wants to be respected as artist of the edit roo

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