NELDHA at the Arnold Arboretum

Dear Gardening Friends,

Last Tuesday I had the joy to attend the New England Landscape Design and History Association’s (NELDHA) October get-together, which is held annually at the beautiful Arnold Arboretum in Boston. The refreshments provided by Jon Hogan were simply delicious and the special guest lecturer Alan Banks gave an absorbing and informative presentation on “The Olmstead Legacy and its influence on today’s landscape design professionals.” Alan Banks is the supervisory park ranger at “Fairstead,” which is the Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site, located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Banks has extensively researched the Olmsted firm’s involvement in over 1,200 projects throughout Massachusetts, ranging from expansive parks to intimate private gardens. Among Olmsted’s greatest achievements is the Boston area’s six-mile Emerald Necklace (Including the Arnold Arboretum) that became a nationally acclaimed landscape masterpiece (Olmstead and his partner Vaux famously designed Central Park, NYC). Olmsted’s humanitarian philosophy and theories for land use are persuasive arguments for today’s landscape designers. To learn more about NELDHA and the manifold benefits of becoming a member, visit their new website New England Landscape Design and History Association’s.

I left Cape Ann several hours earlier than the scheduled event hoping to arrive at the Arnold in time to photograph, but as is typical, the traffic was dreadful and, regretfully, I was only able to take a few shots.

Warmest wishes and don’t forget to VOTE!

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