Cape Cod View

Buoyed by Spring!

Thank you North and Susan for the wonderful article about myself and fellow garden writer C.L. Fornari that appeared in the March/April issue of Cape Cod View!

North Cairn, editor-in-chief  of CCV, writes the following on her editorial page “The View from My Desk:”

“…The Chinese proverb announces that “spring is sooner recognized by plants than men,” but perhpas not when the winter-weary soul finally reawakens to the memory of such glories as the spring ephemeral flowers and the chance to get into the backyard, into the unkempt perennial bed, tousled by the winter winds… It’s all in your point of view – in open eyes and hearts, willing to see the beauty and gifts that reside everywhere; in our homes and favorite outings, among families and friends; in discovery and memory –  and the chance for remembrance and renewal that returns each spring.”

Magazine cover painting by Aleta Steward of Harwich

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