TK Days with Nick Casey

PUERTO AYORA, SANTA CRUZ ISLAND, GAL¡PAGOS – MARCH 2, 2017: Young Galapagos Giant Tortoises (Chelonoidis hoodensis) that were born in captivity in their pen at the Fausto Llerena Tortoise Breeding Center. The young tortoises born here will eventually be released into the wild on EspaÒola Island as part of the center’s program to recuperate various species of the Galapagos Giant Tortoise. This program, along with super stud male tortoise, ìDiegoî who spawned over 800 progeny, are responsible for stabilizing the Chelonoidis hoodensis species that was on the brink of extinction in the 1970ís. PHOTO: Meridith Kohut for The New York Times NYTCREDIT: Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

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